[3.0] Skeleton Mage build. 7 aura necromancer can both solo endgame maps and support party play

No, the To Dust jewels are basically what make this build work. That's why you use 5 of them....
hi KTmetis,

im currently playing in abyss with your build and recently reached maps. im now level 70 and noticed some things about the build :

-pledge of hands has a lot higher damage potential with a pseudo 7 link than queens decree
-the new abyss jewels (ghastly base) are better than to dust jewels. even 1 chaos jewels are a stronger dps increase than to dust jewels, therefore queens decree becomes obsolete as the additional skeleton duration is not needed

overall very fun build, ez to level so far, labyrinth up to merc was a breeze

thanks for sharing your build !

sincere regards

Yeah, I feel that skeleton mages are just too clunky to be used as a main minion skill. They're pretty good when used as a supplement when you don't want to run SRS, like how lifting uses scorching ray spectres and skeletons.

It's interesting to note that the melee skeletons have a much higher damage output than the mages, according to PoB. I was getting a little over 10k DPS with a skeleton mage, but the regular melee skeleton had 20k dps, that's not even replacing the gems with melee phys and added fire.

Agreed but they make a nice secondary 5 link ring slot to add to spectre damage. Out of the 3 undead builds I tried (skeles both life and MOM,life spectres and low life spectres), low life aurabot summoner is heads and tails above the rest.
Appears this build could be good in the next league?
Hi !

My friend is starting with poe once again and he wants to know if this is viable for 3.2 if so, is this ok as a starter ?
the DPS is severely capped in 3.2.

There's no way to advance this further than t13 on a generally confortable level, without a massive currency dump, and even with the dump you're capped at around a very slow/painful t15 grind.

they need to rework skeleton mages before this build is viable again. regular melee skeletons on the other hand are still rather viable, but need a slightly different build than this one offered here.
will this build work on patch 3.3?
thelordrahl wrote:
Silverwing9 wrote:
I really like this build but I'm kind of new...is it noob friendly?

The only part I'd say is not noob friendly is using MoM + Zealot's Oath + Eldritch Battery. Having to rely on just flasks for life is definitely not what I'd call noob friendly. Luckily, you don't need to do that until way later. Gives you plenty of time to learn how to play it.

Please forgive me for not understanding, but what's the thinking behind having Zealot's Oath and Eldritch Battery with just 866 energy shield? (at least that's what the PoB link says)

Not trying to argue, just genuinely confused :) I haven't yet tried any kind of energy shield based builds. (If there's a link to an explanation in this thread, can someone point me at it?)

Thank you!
Update Passive skill tree 3.4

pastebin.com/VpRFrv4g level 100
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