[3.0] Frost Queen - Theory Craft - 1.2M Freezing Pulse

This was a life based Ice Spear *NOW FREEZING PULSE* build. So far 1,230,435.5 DPS

PLEASE SEE THE WITCH VERSION https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1964547

Please let me know what you think and possibly how I can improve it.

Skill Tree


Gem Links


Main attack

Socketed in Weapon (3B 3G)

Freezing Pulse > Added Cold > Controlled Destruction > Cold Pen > Slower Proj > Faster Cast

Secondary attack

Sockets in Boots (3B 1R)

Frost Bomb > Arcane Surge > Increased Duration > Spell Echo


Socketed in Helm (4G)

Projectile Weakness > Herald of Ice > Enhance > Vaal Haste


Socketed in Gloves (2B 2R)

Frostbite > Lightning Golem > Empower > Increased Duration

Planned Gear


Weapon- 6L - Pledge of Hands, Judgement Staff

Head - 4L - Heretic's Veil, Deicide Mask

Chest - 0L - Kaom's Heart, Glorious Plate

Gloves - 4L - Winds of Change, Ancient Gauntlets

Boots - 4L - Titan Greaves

Needs: Increased Armor, Life, Resists, Movement Speed

Ring 1/2 - Snakepit, Sapphire Ring x2

Belt - Doryani's Invitation, Heavy Belt - (Cold)

Amulet - Blue Pearl

Needs: Cast Speed, Life, Mana, Resist

PoB Paste

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Current tooltip DPS at level 76 in standard. W/ Golem and Herald.

Yes, I teamviewed into my home PC to grab a screenshot.

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No one?
-don't use elemental focus cause it stops you from freezing.

-arcane surge + frost bomb + increased duration i find is more effective than linking AS in the main skill.

-would not recommend going past sentinel node below scion, right now a lot of wasted points going to duelist.

other than that can't complain.
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345,600 DPS
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Changing over to Freezing Pulse increased it to 578,892 DPS
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Completely revamped and converted to Freezing Pulse. Much better skill.
Played a little more on my Standard Scion (IGN: ChaosDraino) need resists but this seems promising.
Harbringer League Gear Price Breakdown 8-18-17 - 1 : Exalt | 41 : Chaos
Item Discription Choas Exalt
Weapon Pledge of Hands 480 11.71
Head Heretic's Veil 8 0.20
Neck Blue Pearl 15 0.37
Chest Kaom's Heart 370 9.02
Gloves Winds of Change 4 0.10
Belt Doryani's Cold 1 0.02
Boots Titan Greaves 15 0.37
Ring 1 Snakepit 4 0.10
Ring 2 Snakepit 4 0.10

22 EX - 901 Chaos

250k - 500k DPS with no 6L (Depending highly on jewels)

I would say this is a successful build.
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How do you deal with reflect?

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