s3t wrote:
I'm still confused about Brutality support. Is it give me +57% (at lvl 18) more physical damage only with hits OR 57% more total physical damage - included bleed dmg that is caused by my hits?
Can someone definitelly explain mechanics behind that support gem?

It just does exactly what it says it does :p
Brutality multiplies all Physical Damage dealt by the linked Skill. If the Skill inflicts Bleed, which deals Physical Damage, Brutality's damage multiplier applies to said Bleed.
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I know that Brutality works with minions while they are "alive," but what I do not know is if it works after death, (i.e. with Beacon of Corruption and Minion Instability). The usual death effects still occur, but I do not notice, if it actually does damage (as the battle has to be rather intense for my minions to die, and my attention is otherwise preoccupied with all the commotion).
That'd be very easy to test! Just unsocket minion the gem, or weapon swap if it's in the hand slots, or just reach the minion limit (spectre, zombie, skeleton, srs a bit harder since they expire anyways) and the beacon of corruption occurs.

However minion instability does not work the same way.

Anyways preemptively I would imagine beacon of corruption would do no damage, since i have made beacon of corruption builds and have used supports to scale the cloud damage explicitly. I have also made minion instability and would still assume it does no damage for the same reasons.
just remove "can't deal chaos damage"please.59% more is great,and i pay the price "can not deal element damage" for that.why no chaos damage too?
I believe the main purpose of that gem is being linked with cwdt tempest shield on full block build designed to farm HoGM. What a clever way to avoid GM's cwdt/cws setup.
this gem needs to be stronger; Its a good idea and all, but its still a bit low given how your giving up added fire damage support as an option (which is pretty powerful in its own right), hatred and herald of ash, ect.
add in how bleed is subpar unless you're going earthquake (even crimson dance is only "so so" and has an opportunity cost of reaching it) and this skill gem just doesn't measure up.

Either there needs to be a physical only herald skill to synergize with this (herald of stone? +% more physical damage, deal no elemental damage?) or this skill gem needs to be buffed to a higher %.
It might help if supported skills penetrated some physical damage reduction
PoofySleeves wrote:
It might help if supported skills penetrated some physical damage reduction

Something like the new combustion is what's needed (reduced fire res, not pen). Pure phys is alredy lacking on damage but having map mods with 40% physical reduction that cannot be reduced in any way is a problem. That would also buff the bleed damage a lil bit.
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make 59% more, and if support minion, get 15 less. It will balance. Melee will great agian. So simple to make it.

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