Ignite Proliferation

I found this thread by searching for a use for this gem. At first glance it looks so underwhelming I had check to not be overlooking some mechanism.

Burning damage is only a (small) fraction of DPS, and this gem adds a fraction of a fraction.
To top it my elemental witch got built-in general purpose proliferation.

I'm sorry, this gem is not going onto the link of missy elemental Witch.
This gem is incredibly sad. Why would you drop any more multipliers such as Deadly Ailments or Swift Affliction for this gem? Elementalist gets proliferation for free now and the radius of proliferation is so terrible now that it does little more than to spread ailments to enemies that are directly adjacent to one another.
Still in the alpha stage, but at least build diversity isn't an issue: https://wolcengame.com/home/
Since an ignited target can still trigger further on ignite effects, you may benefit from this gem with the following items:

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Can someone explain to me the line "supported skill deal more damage with ignite"

It means "enemy get more ignite dmg" or "the supported skill deal more dmg against enemy who already ignite"?

Currently im using a EH build and want to try this gem for the 6th slot.
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