[3.0] 75% life regen-500k DPS-8.7k hp-reflect immune-LACERATE SLAYER

Hello there everyone here is a really solid tanky build for 3.0!

Pure 100% phys build that is reflect immune, has 75% life regen in combat and over 8k hp with just a rare chest! It utilizes slayer leech with hp regen for constant and incredibly high sustain. The DPS comes from lacerate upfront damage and nice stacking bleeds.

over 8k hp
over 50% life regen
slayer cull
immune to freeze, chill, bleed, stun, temp chains and with around 4k hp regen pretty much immune to ignite and poison
over 10k armour
over 360k dps without flasks
moves around quick with leap slam
can work on a super low budget and 100% rares
long range for a melee character with lacerate
your totem also leeches like wild so it's very tank
lab and trials are all a joke with 50% life regen
no need to swap gear or gems for any boss or map mod

No WOW factor
slow movement speed (you move using a fast leap slam)
lower dps then some other builds
no easy way of gaining charges on bosses


Weapon:Starforge or rare (you really want to aim for starforge late game)
Helmet: get a starkonjas head for the high hp, high dex, attack speed and evasion (which is converted to armour) *as a bonus try to get either lacerate aoe or dmg as an enchant on it
Body Armour: Belly of the beast or a rare!
Glove: a good rare with attack speed. *as a bonus get vulnerability on hit implicit (this shit is pricey though) or for less price and arguably more return make your own gloves with the corrupted essence of insanity for hella fast leap slammin!
Boots: Kaoms roots with the 2% life regen on hit lab enchant
Belt: Rare rustic sash or belt of the deceiver
rings: one rare and one sybils lament for 90% reflect immunity (slayer passive+ring

Links and Gems
body: Lacerate-brutality-maim-ruthless-melee phys-multistrike (maim is used instead of dmg on full life because maim double dips bleed dmg) Also comments have mentioned subbin in faster attacks instead of ruthless if you want, or inc aoe/conc effect instead of brutality so you can use more flasks. I like my setup myself as you don't have to swap around gems. (faster attacks is smoother for mapping and dodging some boss mechanics but does about 15% less dps in total up to you!)
weapon:ancestral warchief-conc effect-maim-brutality-melee phys-ruthless
helm:Leap Slam-faster attacks-fortify-end charge on stun
glove cast when damage taken(1)-blood rage(6)-immortal call(1)-vulnerability(4).
*if you have vulnerability on hit gloves ditch the vulnerability for increased duration

The Tree and Path of Building Link for Gear and Tree
Path of building pastebin: https://pastebin.com/7tnVyx5K

use soul of arakaali with at least the herald of thunder perc *very important
use whatever minor god you feel like! I would go for tukohama for that juicy heal and phys dmg reduction!

for bandits just kill all!

Tree https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.0.0/AAAABAQBAASzBS0HdQmWC2EMcA48EPAUIBRNFHEYkRuqHHUhVSFgJbwnnymlL9cxnjWSOQ46UjrhO7Y8BTwtPfxAoEWaRrdHfk3jUEdXVFhjXhNfOV8_YVJjF2VNZ5toZWjybydyqXTtdPF2rHrvfNmBOoIHg1-DzITZhO-Fp4ZghrSHaoqzivCMz49gkGyTqJd5mmqbLaIApTWmV6knqZStja4-r2ywq7KAtz68n702vqfAZsCmwQfEgsT2xq7PftNv137Yvdl82sHbT9wn3D3fv-DD5FHpRuoY7w7vTu988B_yQfJF8lrz3fVh9kj3Mvjr_Ev-Cv6P

So I leveled with swords and lacerate right away but honestly axes and maces with sunder are probably easier. (I love seeing the progression of my skill start to finish though). If you go for swords some nice uniques on the leveling train are rigwalds charge at level 44-terminus est at 51-kondo's pride/doomsower at 61/62 respectively until a better rare or starforge. For the bandits I went with 2 passives and for the lab I grabbed bane of legends then endless hunger. The last two big nodes are up to your preference! Feel free to grab cloth and chain as well as diamond skin while leveling for resistances as they are both connected right to the main tree.

tree at 25 points

tree at 39 points

tree at 59 points

tree at 74 points

tree at 90 points

tree at 103 points

tree at level 90 with all passives

Map Mods
You can run just about anything Reflect is no problem same with temp chains. The scariest mods would be 60% less recovery and no leech. Both can be run as we are blood magic with life regen as well but those two are a lil sketch

75% regen no way... right???
Yes way. let's get into it! So this build has 43% leech rate that lasts just about indefinitely. So already that is 43% regen. Now on top of that the tree gives 5.4% regen. Now because of boot enchants when we are hit we get another 2% regen. Because of the minor god tukohama we build up another 2% when attacking So that is 52.4% right? Wrong! in truth the moment we are hit to proc our boots, due to the level 1 cast on damage taken-blood rage-immortal call set up we also get 50% increased regen for the next 4 seconds because of the soul of arakaali pantheon power with the herald of thunder perc (50% increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently) which in a fight with a boss for instance will happen over and over again!!! So now the regen is actually 78.6% however due to blood rage life degen this is lowered by approximately 3.48% (only 3.48 because arakali and tukohama reduce damage over time and phys dmg) This puts us at JUST OVER 75% REGEN IN COMBAT WITHOUT FLASKS! Now just imagine if you drink a life flask with this 50% increased recovery buff up with the regen already there :P

500k dps are you sure?
Yup! So in mapping with the end game gear you will have onslaught,frenzy charges, the 20% more killed recently buff and your lions roar up for the most part. Without your totem up and you just hoppin around by yourself this puts your lacerate's dps at around 480k without bleed. With the totem and bleed this goes to around 600k. Against shaper/guardians you wont have onslaught, frenzies, the killed recently buff and only lions roar sometimes. You WILL however have a 6 link totem smashing them in with you providing its own massive damage and that beautiful more dmg multiplier. So your own dps still drops to around 290k due to boss resistances but your totem picks up the slack with another 180k. With your 60k bleed stacking we are actually at 530k! Because a lot of these damage sources are temporary or unreliable I thought 500k was appropriate.

This build will get you through thick and thin, I have used it to complete pretty much the entire atlas! (except for a few unique maps like hall of grandmasters and perandus manor)

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Hi what abut bandits? thanks.
I would probably go with 2 passive points myself but oak would work too!
Hi! ty for the build! I like it too much!
have you kill sharper or uber atziri with it? have videos?
what is your dps?
ty for all mate!
Hey my man,

I'm playin up this build myself just now and will release some vids once I get some more content down!
The Lab is incredibly easy though as none of the traps can hurt you!
TY for reply! (sorry for my bad english). I hope you upload videos soon! Maybe some guardians fight first?

Wath do you think about cleave?
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Cleave does really great damage but the range is a lil too low for me! If you are looking for some alternatives earthquake and sunder both work perfectly with this build! Just swap out the sword nodes on the left for axe or mace nodes.
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any chance we can get a lvling tree for clearer progression?
No offence man but this is the worst Lacerate build i saw in my life, 1. no faster attacks on lacerate makes it feel clunky and unusable also it kills your dps, 2. brutality , u cant convert phys to chaos so no Atziri flask and Sin's rebirth which is 30% of ur dmg:D, 3.˝Maim double dips your bleed˝ thats so usefull since bleed does fuck all, bleed a boss move away and ull see ur awesome bleed damage, u can go eat lunch take a nap come back and he still wont drop below 90%, u just use it so u can stick bloodlust in ur totem, melee dmg on full life gives u 10k more dps, ˝Reflect Immune˝ wow thats so imporant since using a chaos and rerroling a map once every 50 maps u roll phys reflect is just such a big expenditure:D Ill kill every boss in the game 3 times faster wtih my lacerate setup than you do with whatever u did here, and its not much of a league starter if you have to rely on someone smarter and more skilled than you to kill shaper for you to be able to get the sword:D
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