[3.1/3.2] Fast Leveling Guide

Used this for Act 8 last night. Was fast.
Thank you
In act 5, i cant find WP at cathedral rooftop.
epultonz97 wrote:
In act 5, i cant find WP at cathedral rooftop.

it becomes available behind/after the bossfight.
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Kyronis wrote:
Just as a recommendation, you should probably remove the unnecessary side quests like the White Beast. Many of them just give rare equipment and inflates the EXP curve. By doing so, you're removing the possibility of over-leveling and making it a smoother and faster leveling.

Agree, I will completely re-write the guide and have this in mind.
Godfeast_1 wrote:
WP: The Ruined Square, go to The Ossuary. Find Sign of Purity, go back to The Ruined Square, go to The

Cathedral Rooftop (get WP) <<<<-------

, go to Cathedral Apex (don't forget to use Teleport outside if you die), fight Kitava, take the boat to Part 2/Act 6.

This drove me nutz and cost a lot of time - waypoint on rooftops doesnt even spawn until AFTER kitava is killed.

Please change the order and add a note.

Thanks - otherwise excellently helpful post.

I will check this in the upcoming update for this guide, thanks for the input!
hecthor12 wrote:
Nice guide!

I think that it would be less cryptic if you substitute the initials by their meaning.

So the Act 1 will become...


Gem: Twilight Strand, Kill Hillock, complete "Enemy at the Gate" (Tarkleigh).

Waypoint: The Coast (get it).

Extra(Quicksilver Flask): The Coast, go to Tidal Island, kill Hailrake, get Medicine Chest. Relog to get back to Town. Complete Extra: "Mercy Mission" (Nessa).

Waypoint + Gem: The Coast, go to The Mud Flats, find all eggs (3), go to The Lower Submerged (get Waypoint). Complete "Breaking Some Eggs" (Tarkleigh).

Extra(Respec Point): The Lower Submerged, go back to The Mud Flats, go to The Fetid Pool. Complete Extra: "A Dirty Job" (Tarkleigh).

Waypoint + Skill Point + Extra(Labryinth): The Lower Submerged, find The Flooded Depths, kill Dweller of the Deep, go to The Upper Submerged, go to The Ledge (get Waypoint), go to The Climb (get Waypoint), go to The Lower Prison (get Waypoint, Extra: Labryinth), go to The Upper Prison, kill Brutus. Complete "The Caged Brute" (Tarkleigh) & "The Dweller of the Deep" (Tarkleigh).

Waypoint + Skill Point: Prisoner's Gate, go to The Ship Graveyard (get Waypoint), find The Ship Graveyard Cave, get Allflame. Find Fairgraves and defeat him. Go to The Cavern of Wrath (get Waypoint). Complete "The Marooned Mariner" (Bestel).

Waypoint: The Cavern of Wrath, go to The Cavern of Anger, kill Merveil, go to The Southern Forest (get WPWaypointgo to The Forest Encampment.

Agree, the purpose of this was to minimize the text length, but it seems to just confuse people, I will consider changing this.
kadra2013 wrote:
"WP+SP: The Blood Aqueduct (get WP, good farming spot), go to Highate, go to The Descent, go to Supply Hoist, go to another Supply Hoist, go to The Vastiri Desert (get WP), find Storm-Weathered Chest, kill Mumies, take Storm Blade. Complete "The Storm Blade" (Petarus & Vanja)." act 9<<
Is this bug? I havent got any sp after completing this quest :(.

This has been changed for 3.1, I will add this change in the upcoming update to this guide, thanks for the input!

The Book of Skill quest reward for completing The Storm Blade has been moved to the Queen of the Sands. The Storm Blade now rewards players with their choice of several rare weapons.
Kylezz wrote:
WP: The City of Sarn, kill Blackguards, talk to Helena, go to The Sarn Encampment (east).

Isn't this Clarissa?

Edit: Great post though. It's very helpful.

It is, will change it in the update.
Kylezz wrote:
Just curious, what do you think of a more listed format? Like the following:
Act 1

>Twilight Strand
Kill Hillock
Complete "Enemy at the Gate" (Tarkleigh) Reward: Gem

>The Coast (WP)

>Tidal Island
Kill Hailrake
Get Medicine Chest
Complete "Mercy Mission" (Nessa)
Reward: Flask

>The Coast
>Mud Flats
Find 3 Eggs
>The Lower Submerged (WP)
Complete "Breaking Some Eggs" (Tarkleigh)
Reward: Gem

>The Submerged Passage
>The Mud Flats
>The Fetid Pool
Kill all mobs
Complete "A Dirty Job" (Tarkleigh)
Reward: Respec Point

>The Submerged Passage

>The Flooded Depths
Kill Dweller of the Deep
After killing Brutus, Complete "The Dweller of the Deep" (Tarkleigh)
Reward: Skill Point

>The Submerged Passage
>The Ledge (WP)
>The Climb (WP)
>The Lower Prison (WP+Lab)
>The Upper Prison
Kill Brutus
Complete "The Caged Brute"
Reward: Skill Point

>Prisoner's Gate
>The Ship Graveyard (WP)

>Ship Graveyard Cave
Get Allflame
>Ship Graveyard
Find and Kill Fairgraves
>Cavern of Wrath (WP)
Complete "The Marooned Mariner" (Bestel)
Reward: Skill Point

>Cavern of Wrath (WP)
>The Cavern of Anger
Kill Merveil
>The Southern Forest (WP)
>The Forest Encampment

Great suggestion! Will look into this, seems optimised, thanks!

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