[3.0]Elemental Blade Vortex Scion. A strong,cheap and fun leaguestarter. HC

This is the build I am planning on starting out with in 3.0 for the hardcore league. It´s not super expensive and can survive without any uniques even if some boost it pretty well. I went with Scion because I thought it would be nice to give Scion another shot now that she is less bad compared to the other classes. For this build she even works out well due to good pathing and synergy between Pathfinder and Necromancer for quality of life playing, some chaos res never hurt, some phys reduction, flasks and damage.


Good damage without double dipping
Elemental damage
Fast clearspeed (not racewinning but very fast)
Kind of tanky (Fortify +3 Endurance charges + close to 7k life + MoM if you go the Herald + CoH route + 4% Phys reduction)
Can level with the build easily or use some other skill for leveling if you prefer
Life based (199% + 5 jewels from tree for a potential 234% increased life)
MTX isn´t too bad
Good leech with warlords mark
5 Jewel slots
Easy to get resists from tree naturally so you can focus on other stats on gear, also helps while leveling.


Having to keep blades up can be annoying for some players
Having to be close to danger compared to ranged builds
No defensive curse or Arctic Armor
Hillock with Spectral Throw is awful compared to other classes :p

Map mods to avoid

Reflect elemental damage
No regen is fine but bring a manapot
Players have blood magic, can´t do this one.

And as with all builds, if you are playing hardcore you should avoid double damage mods since rares, and now the Heralds can have extra damage mods as well making that onehit a real risk. Depending on the boss I will run a generic damage mod + boss damage mods but on some bosses you should avoid it.

Vulnerability can be a pain for most builds as well if combined with strong phys mobs, or mobs with strong damage over time/ailments.

Other than that most map mods are no trouble at all.

Gem links
6Link setup: Blade Vortex, Phys to Lightning, Controlled Destruction, Increased AoE(Conc for bosses), Added Fire Damage, Elemental Focus

1+3Link setup: Hatred + CWDT,IC,Increased Duration

2+1Link: Blasphemy, Warlords Mark, Enduring Cry

3Link: Shield Charge, Fortify, Faster Attacks (Leap Slam for lab if you want)

4Link: Orb of Storms, Arcane Surge, Blind, Culling Strike

Alternative links

Orb of Storms, Arcane Surge, Culling Strike
Shield Charge, Fortify, Curse on Hit, Warlords Mark.
Enduring Cry, Herald of Ash

You can also go for the double herald (ash+ice) shield charge CoH Warlords and get a higher unreserved manapool making MoM stronger.

This will have slower movementspeed, higher damage and require you to shield charge to keep Warlords Mark up.

For more defense you can replace Herald of Ash with Arctic Armour.

Divinarius, It´s a good and cheap one but can be replaced by a good rare for higher dps.
Carcass Jack, Life, resist all, AoE, damage and the Extra Gore effect.
Hrimburn, Elemental conversion so we go full elemental damage, some damage, cold res and strength. Have to get some other phys conversion to replace this lategame if you want more life.Important!
Kaoms Roots, Tons of life, Unwavering Stance and can´t be slowed below base speed. VERY GOOD
Belt of the deciever, increased damage, some life, strength, resist all and Nearby enemies are intimidated (It acts as a MORE multiplier)


The Overflowing Chalice, this is very good for the build. Increased damage, 100% increased charges gained for your other flasks during the effect.
Taste of Hate, expensive but amazin since you get more cold damage and take less physical damage on use.
The Wise Oak, good if you manage to juggle your resists perfectly since it gives you reduced elemental damage taken and elemental penetration. But it´s situational and depends on your gear.

Aim for 1x instant life flask, 1 quicksilver flask with, 1 Sulphur Flask (preferably Overflowing Chalice), 1 Granite with increased armour or 1 Basalt. Basalt is better endgame for the flat reduction. For the last flask slot pick something you feel that you need, a second life flask, mana or hybrid flask, a second quicksilver or whatever suits you.

Remember to get bleed removal, freeze removal and curse removal in your setup. Depending on content and what you struggle with you might want a Chaos res flask with poison removal, Ignite removal or something else in that last spot.

Rest of the gear
Try to get double life rolls on your gear, cap resistances for Ele Weakness and then spelldamage/Attack Speed(for movementspeed with shield charge). Getting chaos resist is not a bad idea either and since we get so much ele res from our tree naturally we can go for a chaos res cap if needed.

Skill tree

Path of Building

High budget version with 1M dps

You can try other Ascendancies if you want but I prefer the Necro/Pathfinder combo for quality of life, good damage buffs, flask management and the 4% phys damage reduction and some minor chaos res.

Leveling tips

This assumes that you use Blade Vortex for leveling and that you have no hand me down leveling uniques.

1. Don´t forget to put 6 Blade Vortex in your weapon swap as soon as possible to level them up
2. Always preload blades before engaging in a bossfight.
3. Since you play a Scion you get your stats slightly later than other classes so don´t be afraid to pick up +Str, +Int or +Dex from gear since you get ok resists from your tree early on.

To get to level 12 you can easily use Frostbolt + Frost Bomb (Surprisingly good with the cold res debuff and you can drop it and keep moving to kill mobs chasing you). Also don´t forget to do you quest for the Quicksilver Flask since that is just too good to pass up. For movement pick up Flame Dash at level 10 unless you can trade for or get a lucky drop and get a shield charge.

You should try to pick up some kind of armour before fighting Brutus since it makes a difference, also get some cold resist before fighting Merveil.

At level 12 you can start running Blade Vortex, Added Lightning, Added Cold and if you got lucky with a 4link Added Fire. Once you get to Act 2 and level 16 you should get all 3 Heralds for a nice damage boost as well as an AoE boost due to the secondary effects of the heralds.

In Act 2 you kill all bandits for the +2 skillpoints from Eramir.

In Act 3 after you complete the library quest you get Blasphemy and Warlords Mark and then it´s smooth sailing. If you went for MoM by this point I would suggest using Herald of Ash with Blasphemy and Warlords Mark to have that mana buffer.

After that it is pretty straight forward, pick up the gems as you level and complete the quests. Focus on having resists capped or at least high while leveling (Act 5 and beyond has some nasty bosses that will instantly kill you if you have 0 or negative resists.)

Complete the library quest in Act 3 to have full access to all gems.

Make sure you have a freeze immune and a bleed immune flask since that makes a huge difference.

Damage is calculated with an active flask and the buff from Belt of the Deciever, slightly less without but still more than enough.

Damage with 20 blades and Increased AoE is about 300k endgame, 460k with conc effect. This can be boosted with top end gear but this is achievable by most players during the league.

10 Blades for general map clearing and increased AoE is 110k+ so more than enough to zoom through maps.
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*reserved for updates*

Leveling section getting updated soon as well as a super high budget version of the build to really get the dps going.
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what about necro+berserker? you do get 5% increased damage taken but the life leech and 10% damage are so sweet.
I don't get the MoM part, with 15% unreserved left, is MoM worth it?
sharbe wrote:
what about necro+berserker? you do get 5% increased damage taken but the life leech and 10% damage are so sweet.
I don't get the MoM part, with 15% unreserved left, is MoM worth it?

For that 1 point it costs it is worth it even with only 15% unreserved mana left because it does reduce damage taken and your manaleech is just through the roof anyway. It also gives you the option of dropping Hatred and running Herald of Ash only for a bigger unreserved manapool when you feel like you need the extra defense. Without any extra mana on gear or int on gear it still gives you 287 mana, not that much but when geared your pool will be higher and it costs one skillpoint since you are pathing next to it anyway.

I was considering berserker but I think that pathfinder is better because you get 30% increased damage, not quite as good as 10% more but you also get flask charges, chance for flask not to use charges and 10% movementspeed. Getting flask charges on crit strikes on the new, longer bossfights is more than nice as well. Also the lifeleech only applies if you have killed recently and that is not always the case on bossfights.

Your lifeleech is healing you to full every hit as it is for bossfights so unless you get oneshot the leech is more than enough. Even when leveling through the beta in crap, selffound gear I melted the bosses on my first try thanks to lifeleech saving me when I messed up mechanics I was unaware of.
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Thanks for the work, I use this now in standard.

Changed your tree a bit and items: Maybe some1 want take a look.

Attention huge code inside!
Glad it is working out for you. I managed to RIP at 82 this league but talked to a couple in game who used the guide and seemed to do well. :)
nvm, MoM question answered in an earlier comment
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How do you build up a stack of blades during the pre-boss stage(when they're monologuing/rising from the depths/whatever). Do you just wait for the boss to be attackable? That would leave you vulnerable to a 1 shot early. Maybe vaal clarity?
Mav986 wrote:
How do you build up a stack of blades during the pre-boss stage(when they're monologuing/rising from the depths/whatever). Do you just wait for the boss to be attackable? That would leave you vulnerable to a 1 shot early. Maybe vaal clarity?

Depends on your manaregen/gear. If needed you could run a mana/hubrid flask to stack them up, I never had a problem getting 10+ stacks before going in though.

Not a huge fan of Vaal Clarity with this build since your manaleech is insane anyway and I feel that gem slot could be better used for pretty much anything else.
Mav986 wrote:
How do you build up a stack of blades during the pre-boss stage(when they're monologuing/rising from the depths/whatever). Do you just wait for the boss to be attackable? That would leave you vulnerable to a 1 shot early. Maybe vaal clarity?

Depends on your manaregen/gear. If needed you could run a mana/hubrid flask to stack them up, I never had a problem getting 10+ stacks before going in though.

Not a huge fan of Vaal Clarity with this build since your manaleech is insane anyway and I feel that gem slot could be better used for pretty much anything else.

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