[3.0][Assassin] Glass cannon Blade Vortex (1.6 Mil DPS)

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Mein Twitch Kannel, schnuppert mal rein:
Maybe I missed it, but how much life/es will you have with like lvl 80/90?

Seems to be a good one but i'm worrying about the defenses later on

Depends very much on your gear. You could have around 4000 if you want to go full glass cannon with double Ming's Heart or around 5000 to 5500 if you go for some survivability. I will give more infomation about it soon!

For mapping this is enough. If you want to go for some shaper runs, your movement has to be good, he will not one-shot you but you will not be able to face-tank him.
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Hello what "Bandits" i should make ??
I arledy bougth gear on standard for this build.
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Hi Tree pls.
Tree not found pls
In Depth Explanation when ?
My friends build said it sucks against bosses will this be good against bosses with the concentrated damage gem?
Blade vortex is generally a great boss killer because you charge up 20 stacks before the boss spawns and do a lot of damage.

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