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I've been noticing that PvP isn't really that popular by my experience but it might be popular and that I am not aware that it is, but if it isn't, do you have any opinion/ideas/perception on why it isn't popular?

By my understanding, it's unpopular because the game is balanced around PvE or that PvP have no reward compared to PvE or the most farmed one or the one that has spent more time farming for gear or one with highest currency will always most of the time, would win or that the mechanics of the game is quite exploitable or maybe because of desync exploit (D2 Hammerdins).

3.0 is fast approaching and I think GGG is quite aware of the current status of PvP more than I am and they wouldn't put a PvP system just for the sake of putting it in the game for skill testing with friends (my most common thing to do in PvP), but maybe that's just me.

I suggest to integrate the PvE balances for PvP? But HOW?

Placing the players in 2 seperate rooms as 2 opposing teams, they cannot/should not be able to damage/debuff the opposing team, then a wave based survival will activate spawning an "X" amount of mobs to both opposing team's room, these Mobs Drops a "special currency" only available to in PvP and will be discarded once the match is over, these Special currency can be used to buy "Powerup", "Totems", "Buffs", "Mobs to spawn on opposing or for your team", "Traps spawn for Opposition" in between waves and after a few waves a "Boss" or "Unique" spawns. Last man standing wins for their team.

But what about players who are underleveled compared to other players? That I am still thinking of.

Guys, what do you think of these idea?
Either might have some points into it or is it really BS, what are your thoughts.
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No, they aren't aware and yes its here just for the same of being here. Farming gear, game knowledge, player skill are all irrelevant in PvP here. You'll wish paladin desynch was pvps only problem.
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Psichrone wrote:
By my understanding, it's unpopular because the game is balanced around PvE or that PvP have no reward [...] the mechanics of the game is quite exploitable

These are the main reasons, gearing is also important, but mechanics currently rule the meta.

MullaXul wrote:
No, they aren't aware and yes its here just for the same of being here. Farming gear, game knowledge, player skill are all irrelevant in PvP here. You'll wish paladin desynch was pvps only problem.

I think they are aware, at least from everyone complaining and joking about PvP, but they don't care and can't find time to properly fix it, especially now. They already have hard time balancing PvE, the community unanimous about requests, and every nerf is followed by an outrage, and +6 acts is a pretty big venture.
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i liked the survival idea where players gear, skill, understanding of game mechanics and their build composition will be tested in extreme ways. like at 40th wave, players has to deal with shaper + über at the same time with x5 health or sth like that.
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i'd be happy with t-values.

i guess that's the state of pvp, right there.
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Pve is just as unbalanced as pvp. Only in pve it matters less because most players accept that not all builds can do all content or that not all builds clear equally fast. Often times players are completely unaware of it even. They are just playing the game with their group of friends and having fun while being oblivious of the current meta.

In pvp on the other hand you are constantly confronted with how unbalanced poe is. Most people who give pvp a try, their experience is limited to splatting repeatedly and then giving up.

Another problem with pvp balance is the messy implementation of pvp specific mechanics, which makes pvp balance different than pve balance. If the same builds were overpowered in both pvp and pve, pvp would probably be a bit more popular.
Yes, PvE is just as unbalanced as Pvp and the one with fastest clear time or most efficient with killing mobs as fast as possible is the best but if you were to put in a mechanical perpective like let's say Bleed and Poison's only difference being the Damage type and it doesn't matter if the target is moving or not, since the AI will mindlessly follow you anyway and like trap and mine set-ups doesn't matter because it's better to just kill it now if it's for efficiency.

Referring to idea I originally created
I believe that we don't have to change how Items, Skills, Passive Tree work, we just need to change how mobs work, like their mods being different compared to PvE, and allowing the option to the opposing players to change their mods/mob type per wave, or enhance/support themselves or change the dynamics of the environment like traps and chilled areas, this will also give a chance for the players to understand the mob type's behaviour and mechanic by selecting the right mob or the better option after understanding how the other opposing player works.

But then again I think this will be hard to implement or even impossible due to engine limit soo yeah I think we'll be staying in the literal player versus player
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Aodui wrote:
Getting more PVP type problems into PVE would be amazing.

Boss that sits in a tiny room and EA arrows the walls
Bosses with CI
Offscreener bosses in large arenas who can see you before you see them
Bosses with built in resistance penetration outside of how your rolled the map
Bosses that use flasks like Vagan does, either healing themselves or any of the unique flasks in the game, make it random

Exiles with a winter glove enchant
Exiles that have a 6 link blight as their main damage
Zerphi's Exile
Max block Exile with Aegis
Real trapper Exiles akin to pre-nerf Caliga stacking multiple traps

More leech immunity mobs
Max block / max dodge mobs (make BCR really feel like it helps)
Mobs smart enough to quickly destroy your totems
Mobs with culling / or make all devourers have culling, please.

A lot of that actually sounds like it'd be fun to play regardless of the original problem your trying to solve, that last paragraph in particular.
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That sounds really fun, it will give players a chance to step on the mob's position (since you can select their buff) to counter a certain builds.

Most likely they'll pick Reflect most of the time, which is a problem

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