Help Building a 2H Sword Witch for 3.0!

Hi all, new-ish/recently-returned player. I want to build up a 2h sword-wielding Witch!

I know that's going to be sub-optimal, but I need some help making it as strong/efficient as I can without breaking the theme too much. I'm not concerned about achieving very high end-game stuff.

My Witch is currently a lvl 71* Occultist, roughly following this guide (Starforge, Lacerate, CI):

Some questions:

1. ES is getting the nerfbat in 3.0. Does that make the entire CI/Ghost Reaver setup unplayable for a sword Witch? I'd be fine with "less good," but not "completely horrible".

2. If life + Vaal Pact is a much better option, can anyone suggest a passive tree for that? I've no idea how to path for life + Vaal Pact + 2h sword + physical dmg.

3. I'm currently using Blade Vortex for leveling & treasure hunting, and feel very squishy with ~1.5k life and ~4k ES. Is there a better temporary setup I could switch to while I work towards the final build? (Even if that means releveling.)

4. Are there specific items/uniques that would benefit me now? Eventual goal is Starforge, but I have 1 Exalted, 20+ Chaos, and a bunch of Alchemy if that can get me a good boost via trading in the meantime.


* Yes, I leveled using ES. I beat Merciless Malachai using the "Dark Souls" approach.
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(Sorry for the self-bump.)

After some research I've decided to go with life + Vaal Pact, Lacerate Occultist w/ Starforge (once I've saved up for one), double (or triple?) curse auras + Profane Bloom & Malediction.

Can a kind soul sanity-check my passive tree for any glaring inefficiencies?

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For 2H sword, I feel that a Duelist or even a Marauder would be a much better class than Witch.
Here is the Path of Building code for a 2H Sword/Axe for Duelist or Marauder

You can view the different trees by changing your choice at the bottom left drop down list when in the tree view.
Please ensure that you change to the correct weapon choice to reflect the changes.

You can download Path of Building here
Thanks for the reply. I'm building Witch for thematic/cosmetic reasons, I realise it's suboptimal. :)

I'm using Path of Building, it's a great tool. There's the code for my sword Witch tree on 3.0:
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Or you could play Oro's Flicker, which I rate 11 out of 10 for the 'tiny girl wrecking everything with a sword larger than she is' factor. I actually first made my Oro's Flicker witch back in the days of 1.3, when there was NO benefit to doing it on a witch besides the exceptional aesthetic value, and since then there have been SO MANY BUFFS to the build, the most obvious one being the Elementalist subclass, but also buffs to Oro's itself and other related mechanics. SUPER FUN, especially if you like holding down the right mouse button until your character stops moving, and then looking around disorientedly at an expanse of smoldering corpses while you try to figure out where you are and where the loot is. (I do!) Also I personally find it lollarious when I make lockstep desync by flickering too fast; YMMV.
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Cidira, that... actually sounds quite appealing. I'll look into the build. Thanks! :D
How did it work out?

After i saw pictures of Witch wielding 2H Sword. I decidet to try it too. But what I had in mind was Elementalist Witch, with 90% (40% Skill tree + 50% from Hrimsorrow) physical to Ice dmg convertation.

I just made my plans today, so i would like to hear out how did your character turn out?

personal plan:
I have made forum post on Flicker witch few days ago, with some preview in path of building, see I'm not sure how viable is oro flicker in this patch, since PoB is giving me just 5% ignite chance :(

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