Later this week we'll be deploying Act 8 to the Beta realm. This update will also include a character wipe so that we can obtain new data about character progression in the upcoming expansion. Naturally, Act 8 includes many new bosses and areas to explore. While we eagerly await the update, here's a preview of one of these new areas, The Harbour Bridge.

Tomorrow we'll post the third installment of our Weekly Beta Reports which will contain more information about our plans for the Beta and what to expect in the upcoming Beta patch.
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hi mum!

edit: looks all epic but you'll never reach the coolness of the original globe girls ui with your current cloths design. they really had something...

edit 2: still love you :)
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" so that can obtain new data " there's a "we" missing isn't it? :D

edit: HA, they fixed it :D
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hurry up, i wanna play!
NEAT! ;-)
Have been waiting for this wipe to try the beta :)
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Woo Lunaris and Solaris bosses
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Setharial wrote:
" so that can obtain new data " there's a "we" missing isn't it? :D

Hmmm, I don't see anything missing there... :P

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