Race Event 92: 2 Week Mayhem

Also, if a player hits level 50, are they also eligible for both prizes at level 30 and 50 or do they only have a chance at the level 50 prizes?
Completed 12 ChallengesDemonoz wrote:

So once people are mapping with these mods in place on certain maps you can be sure Sextants, corrupted maps, and all those things taken into account its gonna be a league where in two weeks time there will be more currency and drops generated than in most 3 month leagues...

You just explained to me why this league is going to be crazy and why it's voided. That, however, is not my concern with this race event. My concern is that, like stated in my previous post, there is no incentive for people to play past level 85 if not pushing for demis. I want as many people to participate in this race as in the 2 week perandus flashback. Being able to experience the game in this way with so many crazy things going on is alot of fun. But if people have no incentive to play past 85, the event will die before the end of the first week. Keeping it voided is probally the way to go, but if we can get demis for like the top 5 per ascendancy class, I think we will see alot more people participating in this event. Races are fun, but if the only way the have atleast a chance at winning anything is to have an army of followers feeding you everything necessary to run maps or by running with an aurabot, no one will play past 85. Remember that the 2 week perandus had demis for the top 25 per ascendancy class and people were racing until the last day to get their demi. The 2 week perandus flashback was the first race I ever participated (seriously) in and it was so much fun. I hope we can have the same kind of competition running in this event, instead of having to see the same select group of players running away with the demis while the rest of us are left with nothing to play for.
Hope GGG considers this train of thought.
Thank you
What's the point in playing this game at all if not to have fun? I'll probably level a couple characters to ~90sh during this 2 week just cause the mods sound really fun. I don't ever push for demis but I usually do every race I can, because it's fun.
iCyclic wrote:
Also, if a player hits level 50, are they also eligible for both prizes at level 30 and 50 or do they only have a chance at the level 50 prizes?

You are eligible for any tier you hit, so if you hit 85, you have a shot at any of the previous tiers of prizes.
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Would be fun if they would give demigods to top 10/25 of each ascendancy similar to the very successful and active perandus flashback league. Rewarding only the top player of each class a demigod will exclude 99.9% of the community from endgame competition, as well as provide little to no incentive to push level 85+. Just my two cents.

just hc and ssf hc?

omg whay void... i for sure no play only becos void !
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iCyclic wrote:
Also, if a player hits level 50, are they also eligible for both prizes at level 30 and 50 or do they only have a chance at the level 50 prizes?

You'll have a chance at all of them drawn separately. Unless they've changed the rules in the last year or two you can win more than 1 if you're really lucky. I did it a few times a while back when racing semi-competitively (regularly top 20 in an unfashionable class and top 200 overall).
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What's the point in playing this game at all if not to have fun?

To be honest, this is one of the biggest cop-outs in all of gaming. People are complaining precisely because they find chasing an unobtainable and/or completely random reward not fun. The league being voided is understandable considering the huge amount of free loot it'd inject into the game, but to me not just this event but every event in this cycle has been a great example of GGG either not understanding or not caring to understand what makes racing rewarding anymore.

I find racing fun in and of itself and I will be participating in the Mayhem event, but to pretend people aren't allowed to be upset because "the point is to have fun" is frankly asinine. They had a complete seasonal structure in place with points you could earn that allowed casuals to work their way up gradually to a reward, and they dropped it in favour of very rare events with randomized rewards at level tiers.

The amount of non-care racing has received is astounding. I bought that the xbone port did not effect the main game for a little while, with the whole "you enjoyed these expansions, well we were developing it then!"... Except during those expansions, racing has been slipping so far off the radar that when we come back to it the top of the leaderboards in 1hrs are FIVE LEVELS lower than they were previously. The last proper season was NEARLY A YEAR AGO. Where is asynchronous racing, why can lab have it and we can't, yes i'm aware these events work off your league structure and is difficult to change, but you managed to PORT THE ENTIRE GAME that can't have been easy right? Why can't we have load time normalization, am I expected to buy an NVMe SSD for this game, hell why don't I just run a RAMdisk? Why is it so hard to make a season with some rewards people can work up to, are your artists so busy they can't make a couple of alt-arts? Hell let the bloody community submit alt-arts they're mostly just 2D art anyway.

You know what, you have a good point, what's the point in playing this game at all if not to have fun... Well, that's a really good question, considering to people that enjoy racing, we get to have fun on very specific times on very specific dates, that are MONTHS apart. Then when we ask what the hell has been going on to have not only no racing improvement, not only no racing events, but have GONE BACKWARDS and now do not have a point system or seasons but RANDOMIZED REWARDS - when we complain that the only people catered to are 0.1% top racers and that casuals have EVEN LESS incentive to race than they did in the seasonal days... We get palmed off with lines like your's. Give me a break.
will league specific items dropp in zones like anarchy , torment and ambush for example?
Every Class 100
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