The Fall of Oriath: Boss Concept Art

They all look great

below there are a couple of thoughts about possible lore

I know everyone is assuming nessa fucked up... but what if nessa always was the brine King/his servant.
I can't think of any other valid reason for her to be looking for kalisa's amulet knowing what she knows about merveil.
also remember that gods are depowered while the beast is alive, so t wouldn't beso strange for some gods to be hidden among humans in human form.


regarding Ralakesh (the totem one) it seems to me that the central faces are the bandit lords (Oak, Kraityn and Alira), since the bodies below the totem on the first image are 2 men and a woman and the faces look somewhat familiar, Kraityn holding the right eye, Alira the left one and oak being the mouth

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Hey there GGG, first off thumbs up for that art work, is incredibly amazing! love how the game have evolved!

I have to say though... PLEASE don't leave league stones in the main game, they need to be removed... those are just TOO REWARDING and yeah, is amazing fun the first time, this league have been amazing but this cant stay... makes the game go to ONE and only one direction to make loot, you need to exploit the league stones, with the sextants and further more... is very cool to do buy it becomes too dumb after a while because it will break the economy and have even MORE stuff in the inventory and even more micromanagement is just annoying (may this part is just my personal opinion).

I'm pretty sure there is a lot of ideas to make the game "better" not just make it easier (since leaguestones made the game incredibly easy tbh).

May be leaving the league stones is not even on the table but the last paragraph kinda alarmed me about it so... i'll just leave this here. Have a good day and thanks for reading.
last one looks great
I'm totally lost in the Lore. I need a book (or two or three) to understand what everything means these days.
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alhazred70 wrote:
The problem with this whole "the art looks kinda Nazi-like" oversimplification is that the Nazi's actually consciously appropriated powerful and majestic looking symbology from around the world and throughout history including some of the most grandiose religious and mystical icons of the past for their look...

While Exile009 may be right in objecting to paragraph 3 as sweeping generalization (a group, after all, will always find itself represented by its loudest members), your overall point is sound; I would add that the Nazis' appropriation extends to the swastika itself. One does wonder why the distinction seems lost on many these days (which has led to silly alterations being made in completely unrelated settings).

As for the art itself: it's certainly interesting, and I would opine that Avarius' armor should be a set of MTX that is not for sale - rather, it's earned by beating him. Sort of related: perhaps each act boss should have a corresponding statue (with a variety of poses) unlockable for use as hideout decor...

Tindraa is on to something in wanting a codex of sorts; I imagine an analogue of the Encyclopaedia Eorzea would be a welcome addition to the store.
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1) When are u releasing next supporter pack?
2) Together with this make a skills mtx promotions as u did few weeks ago, :)
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