The Fall of Oriath: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair

These posts are getting better and better!
More spoilers I need to avoid!
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
Light radius nerfs smh
Does it mean that incinerate will be revived???

100% Ethical, most of the time.
Witch gone Rekt.

But Nice Trailer.
#1. German Fan Blog.

[2.0.2] Crit Chaos Arc with Dual Curse 61k+ DMG Voltaxic Rift
MAD PPL Counter: 1
No Wonder the Noob Died. Using Incinerate in 2017.
Nice looking Boss.
Using incinerate with chance to ignite to apply burning status for flame surge that is cast while channeling. Too bad the range is so poor.
"Into the Labyrinth!
left step, right step, step step, left left.
Into the Labyrinth!"
SICK!! i cant wait for it!! :D

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