The Fall of Oriath: Gruthkul, Mother of Despair

so that arena bull was just sporting the Necrotic helmet mtx?
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Looks like a Fiend from Witcher 3.
nice bear reskin (no)
Looks like overgrown Argus
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Ty for scam <3
I wonder if there will be some hidden interaction where standing on Consecrated ground removed Despair? I cannot WAIT to never make it to this fight! :D
Nice Update....TNX...
Holy moly !
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Cicindela wrote:
You took big ape from act 2, made it bigger, gave it antlers = new boss? U_U You forgot to summon monkeys when it screams. Now I know how to make 10 acts. Quantity over quality.
Every next boss is worse than previous one, only crab boss was ok. Oh well, not surprising.

I think they showcase the "minibosses" not acts end bosses.

IF this is and act end boss, Im very dissapointed.


I think it looks good enough for a minor boss, maybe to get some pantheon points?
Better than bandits.

But I agree with others that there should be some sort of contrast for skills and enviorment. Like this dark room and shadow attacks is VERY hard to see and can be much of an annoyance, same with malachai and his attacks. Im colourblind and can barely see the 9 blobs he shoot around.(tho I love the malachai fight, dont get me wrong. Just VERY hard to see shit)
May the RNG be with you.
It's great getting updates of what's progressive by but any chance you can update us on Xbox one beta as nothing much has been said regarding console release

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