Scion Ascendant 3.0 Changes Thoughts/Theory Craft

I have thought of some cool combinations for the next expansion with scion. And what I most like is that you can possibly make a totem crit KB build, with hierophant as the main and then choosing either deadeye for more damage, assassin for the crits or elementalist for reduced reflect and more importantly the elemental conflux.
Some of the other classes were a let down though, sab is shite now and gladiator feels meh. I hope they do change some other things before the big expansion.

Thanks for reading!
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Trickster + Inquisitor RF Ascendant is a potential Idea. Consecrated Ground Generation + 50% increased Life and Energy Shield regeneration when you kill an enemy with Righteous Fire.
propably same fire quake build i am using now to see how it works with new slayer/chieftain
Looking forward to trying out guardian/occultist or guardian/chieftain ci rf totems using soulmantle, self flag, and 2x kikazaru for 100% curse effectiveness reduction without the previous guardian drawback of cleansing curses. Ran this build on occultist to great effect, but this would be potentially stronger.
Elementalist / pathfinder crit elemental bow build? Depends on what happens to reflect. If we can avoid one shotting ourselves on a random reflect rare then maybe not ele.

(My hopes is that reflect maps are still off limits but the random rare wont destroy us.)
Slayer/Pathfinder, kinetic blast/barrage, phys/chaos, wander
Interesting idea's. I figured I might play elemental crit pathfinder with deadeye/elementalist depending on the gear, I think i might download Path of Building and see if if i get some good DPS.
Well i am also considering atm some kind of deadeye/slayer build.
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this class is the secret to making a 10 million dps elemental hit build. Oh shit I shouldn't of said that because now they might just nerf elemental hit!
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actually i think 'll run to 100 as eleraider wander life acro/pa
Glacial Hammer now has 3-5% Chance to Poison on the character select screen.
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