<Invest> Goldrim Sachs (High end Softcore League Players Only, Wealth Focus)

<Invest> Goldrim Sachs is a guild aimed towards only softcore temporary league players who are experienced in the mechanical and theoretical nuances of PoE, and are seeking an environment of like minded individuals to take their game to the next step.


Requirements For Guild Admission:

A strong understanding of the game at its more fundamental levels (how to optimize a tree, level efficiently, craft gear, which bases to pick up, how to price check etc.)

You must have some experience in softcore league play, with at least a rudimentary idea of the market shifts that happen league- by- league. While those who have played more leagues may be advantaged, do not feel as though you'd be overlooked if you are a newer (but an adept) player. There are a variety of factors taken into consideration-- on the whole, however, we are looking for self-starter types who are able to operate autonomously without direction or assistance.

A thick skin is a must. We're a bunch of critical expressionists around here, and if you're easily offended this will not be the place for you.

Alot of our guild activity will be done through our public community discord channel, which can be found here:

please be sure to have your discord nicknames set to something recognizable so we can assign the correct permissions.


Please use the format below for applications:

how many leagues you played:

how many level 90+ chars:

your previous leagues challenge #'s:

please link any items/ demonstrable indicators of wealth that might help illustrate your understanding / grasp of economy:
(items can be linked by opening your character page above and CTRL + ALT + clicking, similar to linking items ingame)

Are you applying for Member or Officer:

applications will be reviewed by myself and current officers within the guild.

Upon acceptance each person will be given a 30 day trial period to assess how well they fit into the guild culture/environment. During this time one may be removed if they are found to be doing anything against ToS, stealing from or refusing to pay back a guild mate, or if they falsified their application, overstating their understanding of the game and are seen to be unfit for membership.


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i am the master merchant of Hardcore Leagues
1. Played Breach & Legacy
2. 5 (+ 1 deleted)
3. 37/40 breach, 38/40 legacy
4. abyssus with blade flurry dmg, worth about 30-40ex, otherwise several 6-10ex items like vagan dagger, spell dmg crit wand, shavs etc.

I made over 100ex this league from flips and vaaling Signal Fires, also jewelcrafting.

Happy to be an investing member, but will settle for a general.

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The fee to apply is still 2ex right?:)) like dismantles
The "never have talked" guy here... Hi, I guess.
I am interested.
I was looking for the guild like this
i`m interested also in joining,
I started mid breach league i managed to get over 100 ex in gear, in the Legacy league i played for about 6-7 weeks and i made around 300-400 ex worth of stuff , i even donated for a stream give away of a friend ( Empyrian ) 80ex , and i also gave away 20 ex worth of items to a guild mate ( geared his aura bot ).
I`m still learning the game and poetrade , for next league i aim for 1k+ ex.
I have 6 chars 90+
Breach 36/40
Legacy 23/40 ( i didnt bothered becasue i dont like the rewards)
There are no items on me at the moment because i sold / selling my items , i can link u ingame currency and stuff ( u got me on frinds list )
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Edited after invite, just so you know im good

Played since talisman
15 lvl 90+ (98 highest)
39/40 esc, 40/40 bsc, 39/40 lsc

Would consider going in as investing member, but for now ill be good as a member.

As for my investment strategies, i managed to buy over 5k splinter of chayula early in the league, at 1-1.25c per splinter, combining them, and selling the stones for 180c/2ex. I've also crafted a couple hundred, maybe upwards of 1k cobalt jewels this league, making profit on all of them (bricked ones are put into 3c tab, and sell over time (as you might have experienced..)). I have active searches going on for good jewels for currently meta builds, and have managed to buy some cheap, and sell them for a fair profit (like 40c for a jewel that i sold 2 days later for 3.5 ex). I have other experiences in making money in other aspects than mapping, but i havent really dived into any major investments other than the aforementioned.

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