[3.2] AFK Twinned and Ghosted Uber Elder - CI Block&Regen supertank

Please don't try to find any sense in this, because it doesn't make any!

[NEW]Ghosted Uber Elder first attempt (19 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwYvf0h8elo
[NEW]Twinned Uber Elder first attempt - stationary (1.5 minutes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86qv-BNzN9U
[NEW]Twinned Uber Elder second attempt - CWDT + movement skills (11 minutes): https://youtu.be/xlRVwJeYAfA
[NEW]Twinned Uber Elder second attempt full recording, 6 portals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWpL6C2Zbgs
[3.0]Shaper AFK 34 minutes montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_cTCz_Dfs
[2.6]Uber Atziri montage: https://youtu.be/24v4plYy27Y


PoB: https://pastebin.com/QQ2naRtt

Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.2.0/AAAABAUDABzcm6FDyB0UCPRPBFH7kiuPGv0AVeA3g_rSvOpqQxFQ-egspvfXOliDX6cIgODw1SlP6FqnKzdmwcWYrR8YkNbGrlXGvortIGZU7Dgcp--Igsfr7jwt6rrpAu_roS_i9xsl2-do8tlbU6ULYbiT12omiIx2S67Q0Cy_zRZJsUlR8Yq0DMrTW6DsGNfP2mK3MY_6aHRSKayYf8ZmnrcwtoYYVrJwfEtca1hapus0Cg18X2pfKgxfpRhOUnRVfmx8DpZ0NbkRlo9GhXtHBg5Iw22Cm20Z98H5N69shEinVSsKnjwqU13yV8k7DSj6IvS3aGwIEQ9sCxEvkyc=


Build mechanics:
Basics are just stacking as much ES, regen and block as possible. In detail there are some niche mechanics to achieve the highest numbers. To start with getting block is most efficient through Reckless Defence jewels, which downsides can be negated with Pantheon (Solaris+Jorus). The bosses dealing cold damage and taking lots of crits from jewels enables the use of Winterheart amulet, which grant 20% regen while frozen. I have 10% of physical damage taken as cold damage, which makes all physical damage from hits freeze me. The 2 types of degens on the ground (cold DoT from vortex balls, and physical DoT from add poop) removes most of the constant regen of the build, so the amulet kinda makes the build survive the other mechanics, so it was necessary to heavily invest into it to keep it up all the time, for which the build needs to maximize the chance to take crits.

About the videos:
In the first twinned attempt I avoided using movement skills, but It was clear that they were necessary to avoid most of the big hits, so I added them to CWDT. I had 6 perfect 4%/10% rolled Reckless Defence jewels, granting 60% chance to take crits, which was not enough to consistently freeze me on all hits taken, but jewels can get another 3-5% each with corrupted implicits, so I vaaled all of them and bricked 3. I bought and vaaled many more after that, but didn't get any successful corruptions, and I lost 3% base block chance overall. I also bought 2 Energy from within jewels with 4+5% implicits, so I had 69% chance to take crits in the second attempt.

These are probably the last videos in this series because with the removal of the bugged Twinned prophecy on Uber Elder, there is no harder boss fight in the game, and possibly won't be one for a long time.

Missing upgrades:
This is just my silly hobby project on standard, but this is actually possible on temp leagues, because I'm not having an overwhelming amount of legacies, and I'm still missing a lot of upgrades, which are much more important than the legacy bonuses, for example having 100% chance to take crits would save me in just the situtations where I just die atm, not being frozen and missing the amulet regen. New shav ring would have 100 flat mana, which gives ES to a guardian. Boot enchant would probably be better with 2% regen, or spell dodge. All suffixes could be better, allowing for more Str and Int, and I could wear a Shaper's Touch, which gives a lot more ES than any rare gloves with high enough Str/Int. Also at the end where a lot of adds are spawned, the fight could be cheesed much more with an ES on block shield.

3.1 Regular T15 Elder
[3.1]Elder mechanics showcase: https://youtu.be/VtR-81bBZDA

3.0 Shaper upgrade
[3.0]Shaper AFK 34 minutes montage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hf_cTCz_Dfs

For regen I use passives, Vitality, Shav ring (4%), Glove enchant (cons ground 6%), Time of need (30% every 5 seconds, so 6% avg), and Winterheart (20% while Frozen), amplified by Beast fur Shawl (40% increased rate), peak regen is around 12000/s.

For the 65/75% block chance I have 31% on the Shield, 3% from Tempest Shield, 7% from ascendency, and 24% from Reckless Defences, 2% from amulet, 120% converted to Spell Block.

The build is using legacy items, but not the expected mirror-tier std gear, probably around 100 ex cost.

PoB Path of building: https://pastebin.com/vMN0Sgs7

Gear (100 ex cost):
Main setup (against shaper):

selfcast DPS swaps:

Pantheon: Solaris with Lady Stormflay, and Tukohama with Tore

Bandit: Passive


2.6 build and videos against Shaper and Uber Atziri

Shaper AFK montage: https://youtu.be/WWt5PlHSy30
Shaper uncut full-length 8 minutes: https://youtu.be/mR0MCphu03M
Über Atziri montage: https://youtu.be/24v4plYy27Y
Über Atziri full-length 40 minutes: https://youtu.be/ghnY7oa9GTc
Shaper and Guardians montage: https://youtu.be/WWt5PlHSy30
Shaper and Guardians montage without music: https://youtu.be/sLsrons4vrs

The build is fully dedicated to AFK Tanking Bosses, but it can also kill them (took 5 minutes to finish Shaper phase 3, check the full video)

Über Atziri build variant:
19.7k ES
72% Spell Block
50%+ Evade chance (blind)
Average 4000 ES regen

Mitigation multiplier on certain skills used by Atziri (in comparsion to a normal character with 75% resist and no other mitigation):
Pen FB: 0,40 (60% less)
FB: 0,34 (66% less)
Storm Call: 0,37 (63% less)
Spear: 0,77 (23% less)

From the following sources:
Enfeeble: 12.4% less (31% multiplied by 60% less effect on boss)
Arctic Armour: 13% less for Fire and Physical
Resists: 85% Fire, 86% Lightning
Incandescent Heart Chest: 25% less elemental damage taken

Gear (15-20 ex cost):


Some situations have to align for me to die:
Double flameblast both of them hitting with high bracket damage roll or a crit, against 72% block chance there is 0.282 = 7.8% chance for a double-hit
Big storm calls around 3-4 hits taken in one burst, their damage can depend on: bracket roll, being crit, am I shocked. Storm call position being random also reduces the chances greatly.

The death chances are increased after an ad phase, because Enfeeble and Tempest Shield falls off.

The small storm calls and flameblasts do nearly nothing compared to the above situations. Those and ad phases increase the "fight" length a lot.

I did 3 runs with this setup, the third one is posted. In the first one I died after 13 minutes and the second one after 8 minutes, once to double flameblast, and once to yellow storm calls.

Shaper and guardians build variant:
For regen I use passives (2000/s), Vitality (500/s), Shav ring (1000/s), Glove enchant (1000/s), Time of need (7000/s every 5 seconds, so 1400/s avg), and Winterheart (4600/s while Frozen)
For the 65/75% block chance I have 31% on the Shield, 3% from Tempest Shield, 7% from ascendency, and 24% from Reckless Defences, 120% converted to Spell Block

Gear (20-40 ex cost):
Main setup (against shaper):

selfcast DPS swaps:

Other swaps:

IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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I wonder what GGG will do in 3.0 to make this no longer viable. This build does not abuse anything. Granted, the ES pool is large as hell, but if they nerf ES on the tree - a lot of CI builds would get destroyed and they probably don't want that... My guess is they will nerf the block jewels.
Now gimme LIFE version of that!
In memory of my best friend [*] 1995-2018.

In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Not bad. I was curious if an Essence of Horror chest would be worth it at all (phys damage taken as cold) for the higher frequencies of freezes? Can't recall if that affix is a prefix or suffix though.
Now try to get a 50% global defences/4% life regen eyes of the greatwolf. :P
why u take MOM
99% COpy SSJ build just change abit :)
imabang318 wrote:
why u take MOM

Really efficient mana nodes behind it and Guardian gets energy shield for reserved mana.
Why Winterheart? You have means to reliably freeze yourself?
what about uber atziri?

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