[3.0 Ready] Fire & Ice - Katana Frost Blades + Molten Strike! High clear speed + single target.

Fire & Ice by Hotslice

In 3.0 I am playing life-based Scion(Ascendant) Assassin/Raider for the charge generation, bonus crit, and 5(!) free passive points. Also gives easy access to Scion Life Loaf and a bunch of free resistances to make gearing easy. I championed Alira to help with mana and get a bunch more free resist. So my gear really doesn't need much resist at all and I can focus on just getting HP + damage. Great for beta and great for early league budget!

To start I pathed down from Scion into the left side of Duelist, then through to the rest of the passive tree. I took Assassin in Cruel lab, Raider in Merciless lab, and Path of the Ranger in Uber lab.

Leveling weapons were Wideswing -> Geofri's Baptism -> Rigwald's Charge -> Terminus Est.

Live 3.0 character (DarlingIvanka, Level 90 Ascendant):

Here's my current passive tree:

The build feels great. Clear speed is destroying everything and with the Molten Strike I'm having no troubles with the buffed boss HP in 3.0. I have 6300 HP now and hope to push to 7k.

Here's the ideal passive tree I'm thinking for a level 100:
For perfect endgame gear you could either use a rare Exquisite Blade with a Lioneye's Vision chest (I think the Pierce Support is pretty good for Frost Blades now), or 2x Exquisite Blades and weapon swap between them, so you can use a Kaom's Heart chest. Wearing Kaom's Roots with +1 Frenzy for big phat life and immunities.

3.0 Beta Videos:

Here's a quick Atziri kill on Beta Wave 4. I am using a 5L Terminus Est and a crappy corrupted 6L chest. I don't have any sources of +projectiles for Molten Strike yet, and am missing 4 passive points because of missing Beta acts. But it's still plenty of DPS to delete Atziri easily.

Edit: Crafted a sexy rare sword and moved to Lioneye's Vision chest. Here is a nasty Shaped Strand with the new setup:

Archived 2.6 post:

Introduction / Why should I play this build?
This build uses two six-links so that we can have very high pack clear speed, while also having a separate setup for high single target DPS. Dedicated Molten Strike builds (like Brutus's Lead Sprinkler) have great single target, but weak clear speed due to Molten Strike's mechanics. Dedicated Frost Blades builds have great pack clear, but weak single target. Invalesco did manage to solve the single target problem with Frost Blades, however he does it by scaling the MELEE damage exclusively of his frost blades, which leads to your projectiles dealing weak damage, so when mapping, the primary target will die and mobs behind will be left alive. My build does not use any melee scaling whatsoever, in fact it uses Chain on the Frost Blades link to very smoothly kill all mobs in a pack at the same time, and scales very well against large numbers of monsters (high level Breach + Beyond). Having 2 properly specialized skills makes the build extremely smooth to play and lets us transition between pack and boss killing effortlessly.

OK Show me the videos already!!

I have chosen to showcase difficult map mod / leaguestone combos (lot of Breach + Double Beyond) because I didn't want to just show off how fast the build can run to the end boss and kill it with Molten Strike, but also how powerful the Frost Blades setup is at tackling multiple stacked difficult map mods that you want to run to maximize your return. Some of the guardian videos were recorded before I upgraded my setup with the Ele Weak on Hit Shaper's Touch so they could even have better DPS than what is shown here.

I am a bad/lazy player, so you will see me facetank a lot of stuff in these videos. I like that the build lets me do this and keeps the number of mechanics that I absolutely MUST dodge to a minimum. What you see here is not a showcase of mechanical skill, but raw build power carrying me.

I have separated the video sections into videos with and without Headhunter, because Headhunter is strong enough to make any build look good. However it is worth noting that this build does benefit from most rare monster mods due to its attack/converting/scaling mechanics, so Headhunter does make it go super insano.


Shaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZFhTCt1KRU
Uber Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCzqVIxLbE8

No Headhunter:

Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4THTXaHD2M
Hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hKv5UQ9VP0
Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abKXZXote3M
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1N_2SdApxc (even survived essence volatile + reflect mob + beyond boss combo, but die to smoke phase...)
Vaal Temple (w/ MF setup): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-Gl9ZQsAcU

With Headhunter:

Old Videos from Assassin version:

Inspiration + 2.6 Changes

I was inspired to make this build when I was playing blasting cap's SignalShot, which makes use of full elemental conversion, and +projectiles to scale it's single target DPS with Barrage. I saw that there was a helm enchant that grants +3 to Molten Strike projectiles and realized the potential to make a build based around a melee weapon that used the same mechanics.

SignalShot also uses a two-handed weapon (a bow) to have another 6L for powerful pack clearing, so I knew that I wanted to do something similar. Exquisite Blade became the obvious base item of choice due to its huge implicit crit multi bonus.

There were a number of changes in 2.6 that made this build possible:
1. Addition of the Winter Spirit cluster allowing us to reach 100% elemental conversion without needing to use Physical to Lightning
2. Buff to Frost Blades %conversion allowing us to reach 100% elemental conversion ^
3. Buff to the sword nodes on the right side of the tree to focus strongly on valuable stats (damage/aspd/crit/multi)
4. Buff to the weapon elemental damage / penetration nodes
5. Addition of The Wise Oak flask

Budget Concerns

This is not a budget build. However, it is significantly cheaper to get started than competing builds for a few reasons:
1. Your chest only needs to be 4 off colors, not 5 or 6. This is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to do.
2. You don't have to buy a high ES shield.
3. Hubris Circlets with Molten Strike enchant are dirt cheap due to not being meta (yet)
4. Good Exquisite Blades are dirt cheap due to not being meta (yet)
5. Jewels with the specific mods you want are dirt cheap due to not being meta (yet)
6. You can still map very efficiently even with weaker gear as you farm your way up to better items. The absolute top tier items are only required to trivialize Guardians/Shaper/Uber Atziri.
If this build takes off in popularity, prices will probably rise on these items. But still, I think more variety in the meta helps everyone :)

"I have the rest of the stuff but Skyforth is too expensive. How do I play this build?"
Use Brinerot Whalers or rare boots. Drop Hatred and use Discipline, Herald of Ash, and Herald of Ice + COH + Ass Mark. This will be fine for general mapping and farming. I played like this for several weeks before finally buying my own Skyforth. You only need Skyforth to do T16+ and to maximize your DPS by including Hatred.

General Offensive Mechanics

This build makes use of a high base PDPS two-handed weapon (a rare Exquisite Blade) to power two 6 link skills, one for pack clearing and one for single target. Damage is scaled like so:
High base phys (+added phys +%increased phys on the tree)
100% elemental conversion, with %added auras and flasks on top
weapon elemental damage
51% elemental penetration thanks to Pathfinder and The Wise Oak (61% with boot enchant)
high attack speed
high accuracy thanks to Shaper's Touch
high crit chance with Diamond Flask
high crit multi (the base item gives 60%!)
Point Blank (more damage under most circumstances, even for Frost Blades)

All of this allows us to reach completely insane levels of DPS. With Molten Strike we use 5x MORE multiplier gems, then add another level of scaling: +projectiles to Molten Strike. To Molten Strike's base of 3 projectiles, 6 more are added for a huge boost and since all of the projectiles travel a very short distance, they will receive the full 50% more damage bonus of Point Blank.

Since we have such a powerful single target skill, our Frost Blades can be further specialized into a pack clearing machine with the use of the Chain gem. More on this in the section below.

Defensive Mechanics

Pathfinder. Chaos Inoculation. Ghost Reaver. Vaal Pact. High leech. High DPS. Need I say more?
You do NOT need Vinktar's with this build. I haven't used it in many hours of play. With the Duelist leech nodes and empowered Atziri's Promise, my leech is enough to face tank Shaper Beam, Uber Trio, Uber Atziri Flameblast, and instantly leech right back.

Molten Strike Mechanics

The entire Molten Strike setup is based around scaling the projectile damage.
Multistrike: Needs no explanation.
Weapon Elemental Damage: Needs no explanation.
Elemental Focus: Simply one of the highest %more multipliers available. Sacrificing the ability to freeze sucks, but against the content where this would even be relevant (T16+ bosses) it is extremely difficult to freeze them anyway. Everything T15 and below will melt instantly so freeze is unnecessary.
Concentrated Effect: Because increasing the AOE of Molten Strike spreads out the projectiles, increased area of effect actually reduces your DPS. Concentrated Effect has the opposite effect, causing more projectiles to actually land on the target at the center of the spread. Also comes with a high %more multiplier.
Physical Projectile Attack Damage: High %more multiplier, scales the base phys so it also increases the effect of Atziri's Promise by a bit extra. Because Molten Strike is considered a melee attack, it does not suffer the %less attack speed, but the projectiles still fully benefit from the %more damage.
Gems Not Used

Faster Attacks: Not a more multiplier, we have plenty of attack speed from other sources.
Added Fire Damage: We have plenty of sources of %added as elemental from other sources.
Physical to Lightning: Spending 4 points on the passive tree for Winter Spirit is more efficient than using a whole gem to convert, and since we do pure fire + cold damage, we only need to balance 2 resists for The Wise Oak.
Increased Critical Strikes / Increased Critical Damage: Depends on your gear. I recommend putting these through Path of Building to see how they affect your damage. Increased Critical Strikes will make you more reliable, but once you reach a certain point your crit will be reliable enough with a Diamond Flask. Increased Critical Damage is probably never going to be better than a pure %more multiplier due to the high amount of implicit multi on Exquisite Blades.

Point Blank Passive: 50% more damage to projectiles that travel a short distance. Due to Molten Strike's small radius with Concentrated Effect, every projectile should get the full 50% more damage from this.

Frost Blades Mechanics

Multistrike: Needs no explanation. Makes Frost Blades super smooth to play as well since the 2nd and 3rd attacks will auto-target, firing auto-seeking projectiles. You can really go afk in the brain with this one.
Weapon Elemental Damage: Needs no explanation.
Faster Attacks / Increased Critical Strikes: Use this to balance your setup. If your weapon has high attack speed, use Crit gem. If your weapon has high crit, use Faster Attacks.
Increased Critical Damage: Scales all portions of our damage and gives high single hit damage to freeze even tanky rares.
Chain: This is probably the most contentious gem choice so it gets its own little section:

1. Yes, Chain will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce your tooltip DPS compared to using another damage gem in this slot. If your gear is bad or you are just starting out, then I recommend using Increased Critical Strikes or Cold Penetration in this slot. However, once your setup gets good enough, Chain really takes the map clearing to another level and makes the whole build play smooth as butter:
2. Chain spreads the damage very evenly among the mobs in the pack, so your primary target will die at the same time as the rest of the pack, meaning that you can safely engage packs at max range without mobs in the back getting left alive.
3. Chain lets you hit larger numbers of mobs with one attack, spreading deeper into very large packs.
4. Chaining projectiles will hit mobs to the side or even BEHIND you, meaning you don't have to be as accurate with the angle of attack (which is normally the biggest issue with Frost Blades), and you don't have to run around and clean up stragglers after most of the pack is dead.
5. Chaining projectiles can kill mobs around corners and behind walls.
6. The projectiles can chain back to the primary target. This is a significant boost against rares because of the following:
7. Point Blank calculates its damage from where the projectile originates, not where the player is. With Frost Blades, the projectile originates from the primary melee target. So if you attack a mob at max Frost Blades melee range, mobs near it in a pack will be getting the full 50% more damage bonus from Point Blank. Chaining projectiles don't reset the damage bonus, but against most typical mob packs Point Blank will still be a net bonus for all 3 hits of the chaining projectile.

Gems Not Used

Melee Physical Damage / Melee Damage on Full Life: These help you kill your primary target faster, but do not increase the projectile damage. They will reduce the smoothness of play by causing you to kill your primary target, then whiff at air while half the pack remains alive behind it. If you want to use these gems, go to Invalesco's Frost Blades build. We have a 6L Molten Strike for single target.
Elemental Focus: I have tried this and it is a significant DPS boost, however after testing extensively I really value the ability to freeze on our primary clearing skill. Freeze is a very powerful defensive mechanic for this build, and even without using Molten Strike, you will still be able to safely kill Rogue Exiles / Beyond bosses / tanky Rares. About the only thing that you can't freeze with this Frost Blades setup is Essence rares and (some) map bosses. In situations where you are facing large masses of mobs (Breach / Beyond) freeze will save your ass. Also protects from detonate dead (Bameth / boxes).
Cold Penetration: as a Pathfinder with The Wise Oak we already have 51% penetration, so a lv21 Cold Pen is effectively only 25% more cold damage, and it doesn't scale any fire or chaos damage. With my current gear, Increased Critical Damage is a 27% more multiplier to my damage on a crit. Although I don't crit 100% of the time, it does also scale my fire and chaos damage. According to Path of Building, Crit Multi is slightly better for me. Be sure to sim it out with your own gear.
Physical to Lightning: Not needed, spreads our damage over a 3rd damage type making Wise Oak worse, waste of a gem slot compared to 4 passive points for Winter Spirit
Added Fire Damage: We have plenty of sources of %added as elemental from other sources.

Passive Tree Link

LSC Characters:
PopsicleFinder 99 Pathfinder
IDreamOfMindFang 97 Assassin
Bandits: Point - Point - Power Charge
Path of Building Code: https://pastebin.com/yf5MNyUQ

Pathfinder is the best class for this build once you reach the top tier of gear. The additional penetration and flask effect gives tons of dps. We gain additional elemental resistances and permanent stun immunity with Kiara's Determination. Atziri's Promise leech double dips on %flask effect (increasing the chaos damage, and then increasing the %leech), meaning we get crazy leech without needing Vinktar's. Finally, being immune to elemental status ailments at all times makes us an unstoppable juggernaut in all content.
Lv97 Pathfinder:

Assassin is the more budget option, especially if you have a weapon with a poor crit roll. It is very easy to cap crit with the Assassin, and you may not even need a Diamond Flask. Or, you can still use a Diamond Flask and get very high effective crit even if your accuracy is poor. I started this character as an Assassin and got to level 97 before deciding to reroll to Pathfinder. Assassin has the downsides of less reliable flasks, shorter full-DPS burn phases, less reliable stun immunity, and the need to run specific status-ailment removal flasks, which can still cause you to die if you don't have them up. You need all 3 for Uber Atziri. In one run, I got shocked by Vaals, frozen by a trashmob Vaal Fallen, and ignited by Atziri - this was what prompted me to reroll to Pathfinder.
Lv99 Assassin:

I am going to try a budget life-based version of this as Berserker using Hegemony's Era and the left side of the tree, in the 3.0 beta. I played around with this in 2.6 and was able to kill normal Atziri without too much trouble. However, nothing will be finalized until we actually get the 3.0 patch changes. Expect a section on this budget version after the beta launches.


General Gear

Seek an Exquisite Blade with the highest PDPS you can get. I started playing this build with a 475 PDPS weapon, it will serve fine. An added elemental damage roll is not wasted either - we have a lot of elemental scaling. Critical Strike Chance is also very important, if you can get one with better than crafted (27%+) this will really help with consistency as our tree is a bit light on crit chance.

Vaal Regalia with as much ES and resist as you can get, no surprises here. You will need to 4 off-color this, but it shouldn't be too hard (<1ex to color).

Hubris Circlet with Uber Molten Strike (+3) enchant. As much ES and resist as you can get. Bonus for Accuracy or (crafted) Strength.

Shaper's Touch is an excellent choice for this build, as we can benefit from several of its mods. Elemental Weakness curse is godlike but not mandatory. If you don't have a corrupted pair, "Attack with Commandment of Fury on Hit" is a strong enchant for this build - it fires an arc of piercing projectiles that, with our high base damage and crit, will one shot packs by itself.
Int -> Accuracy is the big one, with my 236 int this gives 472 flat accuracy which is better than a t1 roll.
Str -> Shield with 159 Str (minimum to use lv21 Molten Strike) this grants 31.8% increased energy shield, making these on par with the other pair of gloves
Str -> Mana helps with Skyforth stun threshold and freeing up some unreserved helps with no regen maps or when your attack speed gets very high (using Headhunter)
Dex -> Melee phys does increase our single target slightly
Otherwise just get a nice pair of rare gloves with high ES + resist, bonuses for Accuracy, Attack Speed, or Strength.

Crystal Belt with +Energy Shield. Some combination of Resist, Strength, WED, and Flask mods. This is my flex piece that I used to balance my resist for The Wise Oak as I upgraded my other items, which is why I have so many of them.

Skyforth is obviously BIS for the free power charge on crit (acts as a 7L), reduced reserve (lets us run another aura), and pseudo stun immunity (good enough for general mapping, I do prefer a more reliable solution for t16+ bosses though). While I was leveling and gearing the build before acquiring Skyforth I used Brinerot Whalers, they are pretty cheap and give nice shield, resist, move speed and of course quite a bit of damage. The damage penetration enchant is BIS for bossing, the attack speed enchant is BIS for general mapping.

There are many DPS stats you can get on an amulet. You can also get shield here, or use this to fulfill your resistance / strength requirements. You can use Eye of Chayula for stun immunity, or use Kiara's Determination, or neither if you like to live dangerously.

Whether you want to use an Opal, Steel, or Diamond Ring base depends on the rest of your gear. Use Path of Building to figure out what base is best for you. DPS stats are a bonus here, but make sure you get some shield and cover your resistances. I like to lean heavily on my jewellery for resists so that I can focus on just getting high shield on my armor pieces.

Capped resistance ofc. I don't have Elemental Weakness cap because The Wise Oak is up 100% of the time.
Exactly equal Cold and Fire resistance for The Wise Oak. Lightning doesn't matter.
155 Strength (159 for lv21 Molten Strike)
2000 tooltip accuracy MINIMUM, aim for 2800+

Always use these flasks:

Pick 2 of these flasks:

If you don't use Eye of Chayula then I recommend using Kiara's Determination so that you will have stun immunity.


Get any combo of damage/attackspeed/crit/critmulti with two-hand/sword/elemental. Which stats are best for your setup depends on your exact gear - as always, use Path of Building to compare. For my setup, the combo of 2x attack speed 2x multi is perfect. If I could use 4 copies of Behemoth Cut, I would.

Godly MF / Map Farming Setup

At this point I use this gear for all content below Shaper / Uber, even Mino/Hydra/Phoenix (not Chimera - F*** Chimera). Headhunter more than makes up for the weaknesses of the other items, making the build go absolutely insane ham. Still, I'd say it's safe to farm up to T15 with the gloves + amulet even without Headhunter. Your mileage may vary.

My resists are unbalanced with this setup, so I don't use Dying Sun here (focus on cold pen for mapping) also I need Kiara's for stun immunity.

Uber Atziri / Chimera Setup

These bosses have a lot of unavoidable damage and repeated hits that will stun you, as well as multiple phases that can sometimes drain your flask charges. Thus, I prefer 100% rock-solid stun immunity here.


Shaper Setup

Shaper does very minimal damage that can stun you - only his melee attack, which is rare, and his triple ball attack, which you should dodge. So this is the only fight where I don't use stun immunity. Also, because his slam attack does like 12k+ damage, how much shield we have doesn't matter, so if you have a 4th DPS jewel, you can use that instead of Energy from Within. This is an all out DPS setup.


Gem Links

Weapon (see Frost Blades Mechanics above):

Armour (see Molten Strike Mechanics above):


If you don't have lv4 Enlighten, get 4% reduced reserve across from CI, and Charisma cluster until your mana feels comfortable.
If you don't have Skyforth then use this setup:

This is the setup I used the entire time I didn't have Skyforth, it's perfectly fine for mapping, but won't sustain your charges against tanky bosses. It's also less DPS because you don't get to use Hatred.

CWDT (flex):

What you put here depends on what content you're running. I like lv20 CWDT with my golem in it so I don't have to manual recast while mapping. For maps, add Vortex and Frost Bomb for safety. If you don't have ele weak on hit gloves, put 20/20 Elemental Weakness in here. For Uber Atziri or Guardians if you need a DPS boost, put Vaal Lightning Trap (it will not be triggered by CWDT). Against Uber Atziri, use level 1 versions of gems that can deal damage so you don't accidentally hurt yourself on the reflect split.



You don't have to use Enhance here - it's only 6% attack speed. But once I got my gem setup perfect I figured why not.

Weapon Swap:

This is the lowest possible mana cost setup to spam quickly and generate power charges before entering a boss fight.

You can also use
somewhere in your setup for more single target DPS, I don't use it in the video because I have enough DPS already but when you are just getting started it's great.
Don't use
, we are scaling projectile damage on Molten Strike so this does very little.

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Seems great. Saved & will try it next league!
Nice build. Looks like you have very high DPS and fun to play with the extra clearspeed you get from frost blades.

I'm guessing about 1m on magma balls in PoB with anti-Shaper gear but the point blank bonus turned off (since PoB doesn't calculate it correctly)? Mind sharing a PoB code with your Shaper gear?
2.6 BLS Berserker budget shaper farmer build guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1882710
Last edited by MoldyDwarf on May 11, 2017, 10:53:34 PM

Very nice build, will definitely give it a try in 3.0 :)

Concerning budget options, I guess a Skin of the Loyal would make the build somewhat squishy. Do you see any other possibility? Does the 6th link really add much or do you think the build could handle red maps on a 5L?

Thx a lot and HF!
Hey, I'm playing Invalesco's Frostblade and now I'm pretty much done, so I will give this one a try.

Is this one good to start?

I checked PoB using your char and it says its -8% Total DPS than your Sorrow Razor.

Thanks =)
MoldyDwarf wrote:
Nice build. Looks like you have very high DPS and fun to play with the extra clearspeed you get from frost blades.

I'm guessing about 1m on magma balls in PoB with anti-Shaper gear but the point blank bonus turned off (since PoB doesn't calculate it correctly)? Mind sharing a PoB code with your Shaper gear?

POB Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/yf5MNyUQ
I have Point Blank turned on - under Configuration -> For Effective DPS -> Projectile travel distance: set the value to 10. Any ball that actually hits the primary target should be getting the full 50% damage bonus.

Using the Molten Strike calculator linked on the wiki:

This is an old version of the calculator based on increased/reduced radius, not area. So we have to back calculate those from the new system. Radius is scaled as the square root of the area scaling. Dying Sun is our only source of increased, giving 45% area which is 20% radius. Concentrated Effect gives 30% less area which is -16% radius. Putting those values into the calc with 9 balls fired gives 3.87 average ball hits per skill use.

From POB my Molten Strike melee DPS is 425k, ball DPS is 669k.
425k + 3.87 * 669k = 3.01 million DPS

Milkcow91 wrote:
Concerning budget options, I guess a Skin of the Loyal would make the build somewhat squishy. Do you see any other possibility? Does the 6th link really add much or do you think the build could handle red maps on a 5L?

I don't recommend a Skin of the Loyal, you need your chest to have flat shield with a 2-hander. I started mapping with a 847 ES chest with this character. You can map with 5links of course, but I really love my Chain :(. Upgrade Frost Blades to a 6L first, Molten Strike's DPS is overkill for normal red maps.

Uncandango wrote:
Hey, I'm playing Invalesco's Frostblade and now I'm pretty much done, so I will give this one a try.

Is this one good to start?
I checked PoB using your char and it says its -8% Total DPS than your Sorrow Razor.

Thanks =)

Yes that weapon will be more than adequate. My starting weapon was much worse!
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Would you recommend doing this build over Mathil's lead sprinker? It's good single target but slow clear speed. It seems like the single target for this build would be better in both aspects, and I could probably get decent gear with the ~20 ex spent on this lead sprinker.

edit: forgot to mention I already have skyforths I can use.
edit edit: also forgot to mention I have all the flasks, I'd just need to get a good weapon really. Also since I play on standard I have a high level ranger that can be re-rolled. At this point I basically convinced my self to do this.
Last edited by neonJason on May 12, 2017, 6:08:21 PM
great, this is the build i was working on but with berserker(for some reason, at pob results i have 100% more dps with berserker)

(dont mind the colors)

as i like conversion damage scaling my idea was also full converting the dps and using molten strike.

good luck in your build, has a lot potential.

its signalshot for melee for sure.
"You have great power. You're right to be proud. It's unfortunate you have to die now, but I will honor you with 45% of my strength."
Last edited by Rupenus on May 12, 2017, 6:24:05 PM
neonJason wrote:
Would you recommend doing this build over Mathil's lead sprinker? It's good single target but slow clear speed. It seems like the single target for this build would be better in both aspects, and I could probably get decent gear with the ~20 ex spent on this lead sprinker.

edit: forgot to mention I already have skyforths I can use.
edit edit: also forgot to mention I have all the flasks, I'd just need to get a good weapon really. Also since I play on standard I have a high level ranger that can be re-rolled. At this point I basically convinced my self to do this.

Yeah I'd definitely recommend it over any pure Molten Strike build, it sounds very painful to play in maps with that. Also while Lead Sprinkler seems like an easy budget option ("just stack strength") once you invest a lot into it, you will get more out of a build like this. If you have the Skyforths already then go for it!!

The biggest problem I'm hearing from people whispering me right now is that it's just hard to find decent Exquisite Blades this late in the league (or on Standard). If you run into this issue just get a Terminus Est to start, it's also great at covering other holes in your gear with its high base crit, attack speed, and +accuracy.

Hopefully at the start of a new league more Exquisite Blades will become available for trade and more people can enjoy this build to its full potential :)

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