The Fall of Oriath Teaser: Abberath Fight

Will we get also some lore for these new bosses, like here? ^^
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Not bad

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nice monster design
Looks great, and yay for glacial cascade
Gaaah! Still not center justified! My OCD hurts. :(

Anyhoo... That dude appears to be suffering from a head splitting migraine.

Massive improvements to boss fights, this looks super interesting. Keep up the good work GGG! :D
Is he really running Hatred just for Glacial Cascade, or is Hatred's functionality changing?
I wish the fight was actually like this. But due to the powercreep this is going to be a 10 second fight at most.
he looks cool i hope these boss fights arent gonna be easy to cheese with the right builds tho
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Cool! I've always imagined Abberath to be a demon goat thing (Horn shaped wand, hoof shaped boot uniques?). Modeled after Baphomet I guess? Can't wait to fight this boss. Or just not having to play Acts 1-4 for 3 times whenever I level a character in general.

Also wondering... is Glacial Cascade going to be playable? Because no one wants to play this thing because it doesn't scale easily...

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