The Fall of Oriath Teaser: Abberath Fight

omg lol more running in circles for damage sponge bosses.

100 bucks says my Dual Striker Leechtank will literally stand still and wreck this guy's face utterly without moving at all

And how many lab runs do we have to grind to get this lol oh boy oh boy I hope there are lots of trap mechanics in the new expansion! Because when I think of fun, I think of the lab :D *cough*

The Wolf Bleeds
yet dies not
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New MTX for gorge boss? hypu🌸
I love all the people talking about trivializing this content. Act 6 will be mid 50s? How many people on their first play through of a new league were trivializing cruel non-act bosses.

I rarely have the gear to completely destroy cruel peity, I can kill her but usually have to kite a bit unless I was lucky on leveling gear drops.
Why does Abberath have split head, body(coupled)? :)
(I look forward to the story)
● Tristram Guitar DI (I am HC DI,II player since 1996)
● DII intro
● Zana's story is the best of story from all ARPG
● Nerf do a fun PoE. That's challenge to build a new Phoenix and be HC
● I have no time to be slow in HC. It's not ARPG/fun
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dark_elvis wrote:
Gorge deja vu ;/ Not awesome.

The boss is at least. But ya, this whole 10 act thing..expect alot of reshuffled assets= new area!

Thats kindve GGG's thing at this point.
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
sooo, does anyone else notice that theyre using hatred with glacial cascade. glacial cascade, hatred gonna get changed i guess.
Yeet Yote Yate
Im still not digging the pot slots. The empty space around the pots looks really weird.
Boss looks cool, as most of things you guys made :D
Lol That Panic flask rotation lol
Why so many bosses anti-melee? Please GGG add some more love to melee! Where melee defences? Where melee damage?
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