Last week we released Part One of our Damage Over Time Changes manifesto that discussed the new core Poison, Bleed and Ignite system that we'll be introducing in the Beta of The Fall of Oriath. Part Two of this manifesto discusses how these changes will interact with various game mechanics and talk about some of the new mechanics we're introducing to improve damage growth and give investment options for characters.
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Cool beans.

Edit: FWIW I'd never see a Dev Manifesto if it wasn't for you posting about them here. They're too infrequent for me to visit that section of the forum out of habit. Thanks Bex. <3
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Yay! Awesome.

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Oh cool
RIP Double Dip
Biggest change probably to do with crit multi

Crit damage has no effect on bleed/poison, you can choose a passive that does allow it, but it nerfs your direct damage.

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