[3.8] Demi's FlyingPurplePeople Cyclone/Bladestorm/Earthquake/Ice Crash Slayer Guide

Hey Demi.

I decided to give this build a try, but I'd like to ask one thing - do you max out the lvl of Cast when Damage Taken gem? From the gear you posted I've seen it was max lvl, but throughout my meagre experience with the game I've seen, that in every build with this gem I tried, it was kept at a low lvl to proc faster.
Hey Demi,

Sorry if this already got asked but checking all those Pages... ugh x:

Do you think this would work on Scion in the Blight League?
when I check your build on "Generic Cyclone" I would lose ~ 650k DPS or something around that which would still be fine with me. I just like playing Scion and there are hardly any Melee builds around :/

Thanks for a reply.
Hey Demi,

I wanted to ask about Pantheons used in this build. You're using Soul of Arakaali because of Queen of the Great Tangle upgrade (+50% recovery rate if you've stopped taking DoT recently) because of combination with invulnerability from Immortal Call. But in recent patch (3.7?) Immortal call lost its 100% damage reduction and I haven't found this gem anywhere in your build. So my question is, is recovery rate buff still working without Immortal call or am I missing something?

Thanks for answer :)
I'm playing this build with reworked Lacerate. It's viable.

I'm using Ice Crash variant of this guide.

My links - Lacerate, Melee Physical Damage, Fortify, Multistrike, Close Combat and Concentrated Effect.
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Hello I'm trying to finish my build for the end game contents and I'm struggling with my dps as well as survivability. I know my weapon is not that good, but I'm trying to focus on my survivability first since I'm pretty much getting one-shotted by everything. Please give me some suggestions. What are some jewels that I should get? Should I move some points around my passive skill map, what kind of other items should be I getting? Thank you.
Here is my pastebin: https://pastebin.com/X2Rf5S1k
Hey man, just started leveling a duelist in Standard, following your guidelines on the Earthquake variant.

I have various leftover gear I've been wanting to use, so it's great so far :)

My question is, can I slam a legacy voidheart and a Vulnerability on hit delve ring instead of the Steel ones you got?

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I have a 6 socket chest with maim already on it. What should I use in place of the maim skill gem since I don't need it. A noob so ty for the help:)
I used to have your Starforge Lacerate build on my duelist since 2.8
is there an alternative build I can take from here or should I rebuild entirely for 3.8/4.0 ?
maybe other people's builds you'd recommend?
open to suggestions
so with the patch note out, any major change?the skill we use havent been touch but impale does but im not sure what it they mean.

edit:after seeing the gems info, impale actualy got a buff. i was scared that it get nerfed lol

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any updates ?

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