[3.2] Champbot: Champion Support

Right. All you have to do is Enduring Cry, Totem, Vigilant strike, and quicksilver. Honestly if the person you are supporting is any good, you will vigilant strike twice a map. You will only ever get to drop a totem on a boss.
I played this build in Harbinger League.
It was fine then and from what I see got only better.
Did also Run Uber Atziri and Shaper back then with no Problems exept for Volatile Dead Beachhead-Rares...

For Uber-Elder I guess one would need to adapt a Purity of Ice thats not on Generosity.
At least I struggle with my Scion-Bot and I also use the Vigil and have ~9k EHP.
Fucking Shaper-Ball one-shots me as if im some sort of pesant...

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