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dark souls 3 called and it wants its weird cage of arms and legs thingy back
Shadow warrior, Dark Souls and some weird hentai.
Nicely copied.
I'm a forum warrior, i was born to post, raised to defend my league. Now my post has been removed, chained and exiled by mods who Ban. Ban is my brother; i do not fear it. I see it in the eyes of men and beasts that i troll. It will take me to play the actual game when i am ready and i am not ready.
Second mob that seems inspired by Dark souls (or Berserk) but I'm Ok with that, they are pretty cool
Shatoba wrote:
Need game info? Check out the Wiki at: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/

Contact support@grindinggear.com for account issues, or techsupport@grindinggear.com for technical support! Check out How to Report Bugs + Post Images at: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/18347
Those pirates are disgusting looking, but i think that's what you guys were going for xD
looking really nice
don't need to watch horror movies when you have PoE
I want cuddly pandas.

WoW is waiting u with open arms.....lol.

have fun
learning is a painful process ... knowledge is the most deadly weapon.
That 2nd gif, instantly reminds me of:

Source of inspiration..? :)
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Nope on the third ...looks fantastic.

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