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Certainly some inspiration derived from other places, which is why this new mob type is so cool. :-)
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dark souls anyone ;]
new content will get old fast. it's far more interesting for me if ggg is still willing to take risks when introducing new stuff other game companies rather avoid.

making my way downtown
rattling fast
and i'm homebound

I couldn't help but read that with the music playing in my head. Now I'm going to have Vanessa Carlton rolling around in there the rest of the day, so thanks :)
Second Mob Animated Death Cage? EPIC!!!
Also, fantastic job GGG I'm very happy to see new mobs introduced to the game, definitely could use a lot more variety, dont sweat it though, you're teams progress is coming along just fine, I do hope to see cooldowns nerfed a little bit bcuz they feel a bit too strong atm, maybe less dmg and a faster cooldown recovery? ;)
Tentacle fetish on point.

8/8 m8.
Add support packs for foo faster god damn it! I need more stashtabs! Can't wait till beya release :D
New mobs wont oneshot us? Hope not!
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