2.6.0j Patch Notes

sound of chilled and burning ground is good,but change by places of channels of earphones is still problem
Since 2.6.0j game is unplayable. I start the game, and it throws an exception and closes the window and tells me to switch the game and start it in dx9. I do that, start the game again, same thing happens but with another exception. nice. I play on steam client...well, played.
Sounds like a good change. :)
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Yup, I noticed weirdness with the sound system used in 2.6.0h. Slight stuttering of sounds when entering an area, probably 1 out of every 100 instance changes.

Glad this is being reverted.
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Thanks, Pop. Tell Snap and Crackle thanks for me, as well.
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Just want to say that I've noticed a HUGE difference (for the better) in the quality of my sounds. TY
Something about this patch has not liked my antivirus, ive had to turn off the antivirus in order to play, ive never ever had an issue before today's patch. Also had to uninstall and reinstall the game.
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