PvE Farming a Flask to Find a Path to PvP

Speaking from the outside, looking in...

Granted, I've always relished having never been in the in-crowd, PvP or otherwise. But I've had plenty experience through 1v1, 3v3 CTF, and many of you PvP'ers (for better or worse) know who I am...

So yeah, don't expect to see me post anything in the HLD Porn thread; however, I've noticed a troubling trend - Flaskfinding PvE builds used to build up anti-Flaskfinding PvP sentiment.

The hypocrisy has become rather sickening.

I personally have never endorsed the use of Pathfinders, used the template, nor have I outright attacked it... and yet it appears some of the most distinct and most 'vocal' opponents of Pathfinders in PvP are perfectly content to utilize Flaskfinding build exploits in order to farm in PvE what will improve gear-wise their "purist" PvP builds they may reflexively condescend their superiority.

In other words, either disavow Flaskfinders or endorse their superiority and acknowledge your duplicity...

You know who you are - and yeah, Fuck You.
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What about flipping? Is that a dirty way to get gear? Let s say I flip and play pve pathfinder, how dirty I am?

Black/nurse/french/balkanese... I am everything for you.

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i didn't understand to what we are supposed to be angry here? can anyone enlighten me
one shouldn't underestimate the power of elitism
Rup just be your usual self and go on a tirade about how he's just mad he can't compete because he's poor blah blah blah

I think Actalo is just pointing out that this is the same sort of hypocrisy of people bitching about EA and still using it.

Let the discussion begin. I'll start
muh strand maps
muh trainin wheels
Lavender or Leave.
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You'd better run.
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in pve people mostly play raider anyway. pathinder is kinda... outdated.
one shouldn't underestimate the power of elitism
Completed 2 ChallengesRupenus wrote:
in pve people mostly play what Mathil play. pathinder is kinda... outdated.

Corrected that sentence for you ^^
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You'd better run.
Raider is not better than pf for a wander lol
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Have you tried?- you've had like one wander lmao
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You'd better run.

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