2.6.0h Patch Notes

Awesome... this "patch" made my game unplayable :(
gj ggg

Entering new instance/map: lag spikes with latency going from 50 to 1.0000 - ok, it happend a few time before but reloging/switching server was helping. Now its not helping.
Going back to home/town and rentering map/instance: no lags... great, I can run it now.
So after opening a new map each time I have to go back to home to fix it and be able to run it.
It means no rotas for me anymore, and no mtx bying in future.

GGG how are u doing it that each patch makes this game worse?

Ps. made dx11 and multithreading off, does not help
Ps.2 I have pretty strong new pc.
Do DX9
New patch new lags :) gj

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