Community Showcase

One of my wallpapers made the showcase? Nobody told me. :p
The one I posted after that was even better I think.

Free download here, of the even better one:
Does anyone want to play I-SPY with that last pic lol?
looks greate!
#1. German Fan Blog.

[2.0.2] Crit Chaos Arc with Dual Curse 61k+ DMG Voltaxic Rift
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That's nice and all but I'd honestly prefer a Manifesto about the current core problems, the teams thoughts on them, and what you might be trying out in beta to solve them.

Not sure I can take another 4 weeks of pseudo-news. ;)
Perception is reality.
I wonder what Adgio would say about that 'metal rework' of Piety's theme...

As one, who have experience in composing and sound engineering of music in both classical and metal genre i can say: I hope he will not hear that. And i can't call it Metal, just some weak industrial rock with synthesized guitars.
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I love the dark DnB Mixes with PoE Lore Samples!
Here's some great Dark DnB that is not affiliated with GGG or PoE, but feels right in place when you have it playing in the Background while farming (especially Core imho).
That is not an avatar, that's how I really looked when I wrote this post!
I spy Perandus Manor!
My left wife me !
Very cool! Thanks for sharing the community work, GGG. :-)
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Piety 'Metal Rework' by aTension sounds A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!. Very well done :)
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