[3.2] Budget Deadeye Shrapnel Shot - subtle killer

Deadeye is mainstream again!

Major 3.2 changes


The biggest change increase of Shrapnel Shot conversion (40% -> 50%). This is NOT a buff. This removes the Rupture node from our build. There are SOME options one can use to convert < 50% damage into element leaving just few % phys but sadly - these options require use of heavily subpar uniques and in general are not worth it.

The other change is the Deadeye change. She got a heavy rework and I have no doubt we will see A LOT of new Deadeye builds. This is a big buff!

Standard players can use Abyssal jewel for a nice phasing on kill or life regen while moving. This build gets more damage from regular jewels but the utility Abyssal jewels offer can be very tempting. YMMV.

Major 3.1 changes


Reflect removal - you can ignore everything that i ever told you about avoiding reflect. Game got seriously dumbed down so the builds are far less complex and in short come to 'get more damage'.

Abyssal jewels and abyssal belts are bonkers crazy. Abuse these as much as possible. Unique lvl 1 stygian wise + 2 no-lev-req damage jewels == lol leveling. it is a joke..

Major 3.0 changes

Herald of Ash no longer proliferates. This is a significant clear speed decrease. This mechanic was our 'mop up' for these single mobs that were left after initial attacks.

Wise Oak 20% pen -> 15% pen. another nerf but this one is minor

Bow nodes have 'increased damage with ailments'. This means all our ignites and poisons/bleeds deal some more damage. Nothing major and most likely balanced with double dip changes.

we have lost 40 flat life from Oak (and standard characters lost all their bandidts due to bug).

New gems will be covered in following sections.

Build concept

I never liked 'cheap' 'meta' builds. Playing them feels like cheating and cheating in a video game is.. just lame. So most of my builds are as non-meta as possible. It doesnt make me a damage-averse player however.

Shrapnel Shot is a highly undervalued skill (well, Mathil did it too so it is pretty meta right now). Introduced ~2.5 years ago as a 'leveling skill' (you can freely translate it as 'turd') hasnt won many players over. Hovewer it is a hidden gem when built and most importantly played right.

Skill mechanic:
In short it does damage twice. At first you release an arrow and then deliver the AOE portion. This means that your tooltip shows only ~50% of the damage. So the tooltip no longer looks bad, doesnt it?

AOE portion takes all the usual supports - Conc. or AOE

There are two ways people play Shrapnel Shot: with LMP/GMP - killing mostly with arrows or without (with only one/two arrows) it and relying on AOE to deal the damage up close.

It doesnt take long to figure out that the second way is the proper end-game setup (note: multiproj approach is better while leveling). Mathil also uses the projectile approach for clear - he could simply use Split Arrow instead for clear. But his single target approach is VERY similar to mine

Having this settled out, lets move on to the scaling.

You'll be scaling your 'melee-ranged' component with following multipliers
- Point Blank (50%)
- Chin Sol (100%)
- 2*Threshold Jewel (100%) (75% or 100% chance depending on how POE calculates chances in this case)
- elemental penetration
- crit
- Slower Projectiles
- 'lack' of GMP/LMP less multiplier

NOTE: this is a build without any serious defences in mind. To make it far tankier than it currently is:
- get +1 endurance charge belt
- pick end charge near duelist
- Rearguard replaces Singnal Fire
- Enfeeble replaces Assassins Mark
- actually aim for +EV and +AR (yes, I know about Acro penalty, still take AR if possible) on items
- care about life rolls. my current ones are pretty meh

- pick Slayer. it solves most problems for pretty much each and every build. Champion is a great option too.



Yes, I know, I know. No, it isnt the new one added recently. It really is in the game since begining.

Why Deadeye?

Gathering Winds: Tailwind is like mini Quicksilver + Silver flask combined and with unlimited charges. This node is a great Normal lab Pick

Far shot is a mandatory node and for a mandatory node it does not hurt to take it. Cruel lab pick

Endless Munitions: 200 flat Accuracy (good), +1 arrow (good), 50% area (insane)
this one is a no brainer pick for Merc lab

Fast and Deadly: nice flat stats + blink arrow cooldown reduction. This one is really good in endgame. Blink Arrow - even with this cooldown reduction - cannot compete with Shield Charge but it is invaluable during fights and in maps like Lab (ledges etc). My suggested pick for Uber Lab


Gear discussed

(listed gear is Standard gear. in leagues you'll be able to get +100-200 flat life more thanks to new hybrid rolls!)

It is mostly (except gloves) SSF so it 'lacks quality' and you certainly can do better with just few chaos spent there and there. My jewelry is beyond rubbish so please, forgive me.

Collateral Damage Threshold jewels are GGG's way of 'fixing' what is broken/bad. Not that I like this band aid but.. It is what it is. Get 2 of these, ofc pick ones with highest damage rolls because why not - people sell them for 1 alch anyway.

Chin Sol. Quite obvious choice. 100% MORE damage close up amplifies already sick damage we do at close range

The Gull. Lesser shrines (esp the massive one) REALLY make a difference. This item is a mini-HH with a twist. Finding a good shrine feels GREAT. You actually can get this helmet in leagues. Get it if cheap. It is a GREAT item.

The Wise Oak. I have all resists balanced out so I get 15% pen and 10% reduced ele damage. It took me some time and effort to match the pieces (and the amulet needs replacing - it is very difficult to find an amulet without resists it seems..)

Signal Fire Mostly because I had one lying around. It gives sick elemental damage that we can utilize thanks to all the penetration we get. 35% extra fire is nothing to scoff at.

Remaining pieces are there for life, defences (limited) and resists. Currently these are set up to 'balance the oak' so it is mostly eclectic collection of rubbish.

Try to get 30% MS boots. I couldnt find one with 'wise oak' resists so im stuck with <20%.. It REALLY makes a difference. Simply start gearing for Wise Oak with your boots and move from there.

Helmet: XX% extra damage or any Shrapnel Shot enchant. It might be VERY difficult to find it however as most people roll them over

Gloves: 'of Fury' or 'of War'

Boots: '80% stun avoidance' or 'attack and cast speed'

Skill gems/links

Shrapnel Shot:
Elemental Attack Damage - multiplier
Physical Proj Attack Damage - multiplier. Tailwind more than offsets the aspd penalty
Slower Projectiles - multiplier. the 'slower projectiles penalty' is irrelevant for us

5th/6th link can be:
Mirage Archer/Volley - i do not like them but some like one/both. Personal choice based on playstyle and/or aesthetics. The damage IS there so these are by no means bad picks.
Increased Crit - +2flat crit/+general crit. simple damage boost
Maim - defensive (maim) + multiplier to our base phys damage (the second 'damage taken' is meaningless because we deal mostly elemental)
Ignite Proliferation - something that replaces our Herald of Ash proliferation. Radius 14!

and the two obvious ones:
ConcEffect / AOE as a simple 'swap clear/boss'

Herald of Ash:
Increased Burning

Siege Balista:
Slower Projectiles
Elemental Attack Damage
Increased Crit


lvl91: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.0.0/AAAABAICAQBeAdEFLQW1CC4IiREvE9oUdRVDFf0WvxmOGo0hdiLqI_YknSaVKgsrCi5TMHEwfDH6MgE2PTfUOdQ6Qj7PQzFHfkp9S3hM_02STipRR1O7VUtW-lsmW69daF3yYeJh62JaYqxlTWXTZ6BsjG9XcFJxQ3Ttdct293fXeBl4-XpTeu99dX7dfyt_-4TFhNmGzod2idOMNo19jX6NgY25jb-VBZrxm42btZ2qoJ-kwq3Cr-uxAbIZtMW1SL02vea-p7_VwTPBoMLswzrKqc2Yz17PetNv037UI9qx2sHdqOOf6NbqYusU62PtP-2D7g7vev1u_ro=?accountName=sidtherat&characterName=SidTheShrap

Bandit: Alira. Why? 15% all res. Your goal is to 'balance the oak' and each and every item with 'all res' makes this goal easier. Crit multi and mana regen is nothing to be ignored.

Two other choices are also good - so if you have your resists balanced feel free to pick something else.

Major - whatever.
Minor - whatever mk 2
Pantheon seems to be rushed so I wouldnt bother upgrading my powers. However, there is no harm in upgrading whatever you feel like. The 'immune to poison' upgrade from T13 map is pretty powerful. Im also a fan of 'life flasks refil themselves' recently.

Rest of it is typical ranger tree without surprises.
Beeline jewel slot opposite Ranger start - pick elemental cluster near Arrow Dancing, life, bow nodes.

Ive then branched out to Duelist and picked some stuff there.

If you do not yet have Lioneye's Fall (jewel that transforms all damage into bow nodes) spec into Duelist's leech!

Then pick Acro and Phase Acro (both, youll be starring danger into nostrills) and finalize the build with Shadow nodes.

You might need to pick +30 nodes along the way. Pick them. 1 regret is a small price to pay.


Pick Shrapnel Shot as your first quest reward. Or better yet - buy as high quality one as you can. Quality is very important for this gem, get it. You will use it all the way.

Pick up Siege balista once available and link it. Disposable single-target damage dealer is never a bad idea.

Prepare Hyrri's Bite and use it once you reach level reqs. It will solve stat and sustain issues.

early game:
Shrapnel Shot
Shrapnel Shot + added X damage
Shrapnel Shot + added X damage + LMP (heralds, 3 of them if you have the stats)
(with phys bow)
Shrapnel Shot + PPAD + LMP + faster attacks

(with Signal fire)
Shrapnel Shot + PPAD + WED + LMP

With Chin Sol (endgame)
Shrapnel Shot + PPAD + WED + Slower Projectiles (+AOE/Conc/IIR) + anything really. Never felt the urge to even test 6th link. The damage is so sick that Vaal Pact WILL NOT SAVE YOU.
Elemental Proliferation is a nice choice as it gives the arrow an AOE component with all these burns. And the 'less' multiplier can save you from reflect.

Typical leveling bow setup:
Storm Cloud
Death's Harph

Chin Sol

There is very little creativity needed - just swap your 1 alch unique leveling bows once you reach level requirements of the higher model.

At lvl 38 equip this:

Pick good rolls or good enchant as this is your endgame helmet.


random Shaped Strand (yes, yes I know) + Zana's Extra Life Mk3 mod for extra challenge

Alternative Gear Setup (Lightning Coil):

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Hi, thanks for sharing your build, been looking for a deadeye build for a while, since the ascendancy is pretty much always dismissed as weaker than others, but it still is pretty much supposed to be THE class for bowers. very cool build, always wanted to try shrapnel shot, few questions:

What would your 5th gem be other than rarity ? And what auras do you recommend ? Could VP really not be helpful at least a little for survivability, as it would be really easy to pick up.
Thanks for posting a deadeye build ;)


well there are 3 (blue) options to explore

1) AOE / Conc. pretty obvious. First one increases the area of 'blast' part but because we play Deadeye the increase is not that massive. and well.. 'massive' shrines give you enough AOE to comfortably murder packs anyway

Conc. Effect is simply yet another multiplier. should be used ONLY when there is no risk of reflect (lab/uber lab, atziri (not the clone ofc) etc encounters you know well)

you can swap them as you please

2) Inc Crit Strikes / Multiplier - simple damage boost, which one gives you more depends on your gear and passives. simply check both and pick one you like more

3) Elemental Proliferation. It has 'less' multiplier but you really, really do not need all this damage. It makes dense maps trivial as everything is frozen and/or burning. Breaches with Ele Prolif are pretty damn fun

Other than that there situational: PCoC if you opt for non-AssMark curse as the crit is rather important for this build. IceBite for frenzy charge generation while clearing. Innervate for Onslaught

in short - the damage on 4 link is more than enough so with the 5th one you can go wild. You can even slot in GMP and test it out - maybe youll enjoy the projectiles as well

Vaal Pact

Vaal Pact - VP is strong, very strong. But you would have to drop Blood Rage (and slot in Ice Bite or Poacher's Mark).
VS reflect it wont help you. Damage you do at point blank is tremendous and I think even 10k ES builds would die as well - even with Wise Oak's bonus etc

I have played few levels with it while leveling but specced out as it did not help vs Reflect and Blood Rage with VP is rather unamusing


Offensive: Hatred + Blasphemy with curse of choice

Defensive: Enfeeble + Grace

Vaal Aura: Haste or Grace. Im too old to fully utilize Haste so I use Grace for tough situations (breaches, beyond bosses etc)
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updated the OP with a video (Shaped Strand + Extra Life mk3 Zana mod on top)

Hi m8,one question?
Collateral damage jewel work if you have at least 40 dexterity in radius???
Are you sure you have double damage,because you have 30 dexterity in radius on each jewel????
damn, what a mistake
i was messing around and missplaced the second jewel

Colateral Damage goes into the 'vaal pact' socket, and the normal jewel goes into the 'Duelist' socket

i'll fix that in the OP as well
Hi, sorry if this is too much of a noob question, but what bandits do you chose?
this one is up to the player and his/her playstyle

in my case i took:
Normal - +40 life (oak)
Cruel - skill point (kill all)
Merc - +1 end charge (oak)

Hey One more question on your build, might want to start with it in 3.0 but this is kinda important for me: Can it do merciless / uber lab comfortably enough or is it too glass cannonish to kill izaro ?

Answer would be greatly appreciated !

cheers :)
it murders Izaro and uber Izaro (and Argus)

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