Today we would like to share some new concept art: a statue of Solaris and Lunaris (which players will get to see in Act 8), an image of Innocence from Act 5 and the concept art of the Kitava's Feast unique weapon.

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Grinding Gear Games
I ship it.
"Welcome to path of exile, where the rules are made up and the mods don't matter."

Free to play model = optional support = supporter titles = gamifying purchases = gotta catch em all = $$$$
Really cool stuff! Would love to see a wallpaper with the statues of Solaris and Lunaris.
Cool :)
P.S. Slowly going to point, when my pc MUST bne upgraded to play PoE at fulll capacity&enjouy it at the most :) Keep posting 3.0 updates, GGG :)
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kitava mace PogChamp
It's sad Lunaris' weapons are so unrealistic. Art is awesome, though.
They're hot af

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