[2.6] Culling Cascade Life Build 140k+ T15, Atziri, Uber Lab

so this build is starter viable? I want a build where I can oneshot the mobs especially during normal and maybe cruel too, that doesnt rely on a +1 tabula or some shit.
5L max, like it would be realistic for a 1st char league starter. would it be possible with this?
Zanthes93 wrote:
Hello Everyone, I'd like to share my first build ever.
Ofcourse it had to be the Glacial Cascade since there aren't many guides out there.

It's a simple build, but very effiecient when it comes to maps, i have done Atziri but be aware of reflect, other than that it was piece of cake.

Ascendancy: Deadly Infusion, Assassinate

Normal: Oak +40HP
Cruel: Alira +5% Cast Speed
Merciless: Alira +1 to Maximum Power Charges

The key of the build: Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Multiplier and Cast Speed.

I'm running Dual wand, because of the easy Cast speed with it, the tree uses way to many skill points to get the Cast speed when you can take life nodes instead.


Skill Gems

The skill gems should be put in the order from left.

Chest 5L: Glacial Cascade, Spell Echo Support, Increased Critical Strikes Support, Increased Critical Damage Support, Cold Penetration Support, Controlled Destruction

Any 4L: Orb Of Storms, Power Charge On Critical Support, Curse On Hit Support, Assassin's Mark

Any 4L: Cast When Damage Taken Support, Immortal Call, Increased Duration Support, Summon Lightning Golem

Any 4L: Herald Of Ice, Blasphemy Support, Warlord's Mark, Enlighten Support

Weapon 2L: Flame Dash, Faster Casting Support, Clarity(Unlinked)

Weapon 2L: Cast When Damage Taken Support, Molten Shell, Vaal Cold Snap(Unlinked but doesn't really matter, it's a great survival skill, or when clearing strongboxes.)

Pick up Freezing Pulse after Hillock, it's a very easy skill to level with and since it's Cold Damage it will carry you to lvl 28 for (Glacial Cascade).

Kill Hailrake for the Quicksilver Flask.

At level 8 after killing Brutus pick up Flamedash/Clarity and buy the other from Nessa.
Buy Added Cold/Lightning Damage Support from Nessa(If you have the link to use them).

At Level 18 after The Weaver's Chambers pick up Faster Casting Support and Herald of Ice
after killing Fidelitas.

At Level 24 after The Crematorium pick up Assassin's Mark and buy Warlord's Mark from Clarissa.

At Level 28 After killing Piety buy Glacial Cascade from Clarissa

At Level 31 Help Slosa pick up Cold Penetration Support and buy Blasphemy Support from Slosa(You can buy the rest of the skillgems here).

At level 34 after Breaking The Seal pickup Summon Lightning Golem from Oyun.

At Level 38 after Killing Malachai pick up Spell Echo Support.
After Killing Brutus on Cruel pick up Curse On Hit Support


Most Recent Experimental Build 2017-04-09

Keep in mind that i'm a relatively new player to PoE the build could probably be much better,
I will continue updating the guide as i progress myself, my goal is to refine the build some more.

I hope you like the build and if you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask me!

If there is anything that may improve the build, please share it in the posts, i want all the Feedback
and criticism i can get!

How about (jewels) and what weapons do you use while leveling ?
Hey, I'm a noob.

I read online that enemies can only have 1 curse at a time unless you invest into something that makes it otherwise, and I don't see anything that does this.

We are running warlord's mark and assassin's mark, how does this interact?
Not the OP but I've been using only Assassin's MArk while leveling and only turning on the blasphemy/warlords for boss fights. Another option is investing in a Doedre's Damning Paua Ring which is maybe 1 chaos.

I am interested by your build.
Can you talk about the survivability mechanics please ? Can you tank bosses ? What about chaos life leech ?
Thank you !

i cant understand why u use that armor ? like 550-600 ES, ES recharge and bla bla bla.
the other items are with armor and gloves with so small ES base...
you are leeching life with warlord's mark but u have 1.8 ES without the passive to transform life leech to ES.

P.S. may be not best in slot but Belly of The Beast will be way better than that.
What about duel Void Bat's for the wands?
Hello, im in the Beta trying out your build just got to act 4 ...

Was wondering in your setup... you have 2 curses but you dont get the ring +1curse.. and not the node +1curse.....

How do you use 2 curses ?

Thank you
i started to play this build,so far i like it so much since i'm newbie and i'm not used with other builds.. but i need some lvling and adjustments. Thank you for sharing with us!
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What do you think Divinarius Imperial Skean as weapon?

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