[Poll] Merge Sarn Arena into The Sarn Encampent (same instance)

It's true we do need more conflict and social interaction for PvP to strive. Though I think simply re-implementing some of the PvP season events minus the prizes would attract more people. Blitz events, FFA's, things that don't necessarily involve "organization" such as tournaments. Yes, this requires people to participate to really properly work but it's less taxing then setting up swiss events and the alike.
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I wouldn't exactly merge them, but instead make some sort of spectator area that can be easily accessed from the middle of the town. And I mean an actual entrance with large doors or something, not some talk to a npc shit.
Also being able to enter the arena from the ranks and vice versa would be awesome aswell, so if you see some strong dude you wanna fight you have no reason to hold back. Skills should be disabled in the ranks and the camera is far more zoomed out, similar to when you get close to the cathedral rooftop or templar courts.
The instance is the same though with a maximum player number for the arena and the ranks. The players in the arena also count for the maximum in the ranks so they can actually leave the thing and spectate.
Should this or something similar be done, then please also add some new alternative arena layouts you can choose from. That would make for more interesting fights in many cases.
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