Minion Balance Changes in The Fall of Oriath Beta

sounds like my favorite
is getting indirectly nerfed which is sad - i know femurs isn't game breaking or anything but it sure was a strong option

played hell with my frame rates but with 70+ skellies out it was good fun laying waste to breaches with srs and a minion horde

The limit to army of bones and further restrictions does not bode well for my mob.

Hopefully when 3.0 drops the new reality for summoners will be better than the old but i have a feeling i will miss my dear old bones.

Dont miss Life node, life gain per level and base life buff GGG! We need life buffing so much!

Minion buffs important, but life base players suffering way way too longer and so much so its time to buff them more then you GGG want it, much more!
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Shaper/Breach Lords/Guardians/Uber Lab/Atziri/Boss kill
Sorry english is not my main language, all fault belong to google translate.

I'm not sure about this... don't change the damage or life of the minions.
Skeleton, zombie and spectre can already kill shaper and guardian.

Sure it never was the OP fast clearing meta build of the game. But we play a summoner for the gameplay not the clear speed (and for all kind of game, is the same pro/con)

Just fix the AI and keep adding some unique-items for minions ;) and leave the rest like it was.
Ouch. This seems pretty stupid.

Less minions overall = less defense for the summoner. KEEP THE SAME NUMBER OF MINIONS, but lessen the animation on them. (HINT: they don't need to bleed 24/7). There is already a problem with the monster IA focusing on you instead of the summons. Agro needs to be on the minions far more than the caster. What's the point of having an army if they are ignored? Less minions = far more likely you die. More damage done by zombie would be welcome. Sad they can't really kill many enemies.

And with the changes, it makes the skeletons far more WORTHLESS even tied to a spell totem. Suicide without that totem, far too long to summon.

But the worse part if the lack of life nodes/points for life based characters. (Using raging spirit the best passive tree paths would be with life). Life builds need some love.
Can we have some battle summoner passives for Summoner Ascendancy. I hate how all the good build-defining stuff are bound to hard-2-get uniques like The Scourge.

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