Potential User Data Breach

Breach League IRL, Ty chris
Thanks for letting us know so fast.
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Chris wrote:

Nephalim wrote:
Should we change your passwords now just to be safe even if it was strong?

It's always good to change your passwords often, so definitely.

But what if the people responsible for this have taken over Chris's account and to change our password was their plan so they can get it from there...

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whitelytning wrote:
Thanks for letting us know quickly.

Can someone explain what "salted and hashed" means to non-computer people. Sounds like a delicious breakfast option to me.

Hashed means it is put through a one way encryption.

If your password is "password", it is ran through the encryption and comes out looking like a bunch of random numbers and letters. Something like: "G56145GEREADTSDT1231" but longer.

A "salt" is something they throw on to your password before it is encrypted.
So for example before putting your "password" text through the encryption, they might throw your username on there. So it would send "Secksypassword" to the encryption.

The salt could be anything, and GGG has a unique salt for each user..likely some sort of random key that is hard to guess.

So that means in general it is much harder to brute force guess the passwords.
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Thanks for you info!
although im using random section of the π and e ,still changed them.
Hopefully nothing is delayed!
Thanks for being transparent and communicating actively.
To asses the threat coming from such a breach it would be great if you could let us know what kind of hashing algorithm was used.
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One of my friends would like to know if you're fine if you play the game through Steam.
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Thanks for the heads up! I host my own web site and know how many attacks you get every week! good luck with the investigations!
TheuberClips wrote:
One of my friends would like to know if you're fine if you play the game through Steam.

You're perfectly safe on steam, Chris confirmed that they do not have steam password information in the DB.

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