Download the Classic Mystery Box Soundtrack for Free!

Just when I thought nothing can come close to Breach music, Kamil delivered, and I personally think this track is Kamil's best one yet and it made the XBOne announcement trailer simply breathtaking. No need to say I adore his work and I'm looking forward to hear more of it.
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Finally! Thank you very much!
Lol, thanks for the soundtrack. God knows ive been re-playing that video just for the song, while paying this and other games XD
Regulator wrote:
Try to make alternatives to lab or reallocate the ascendancy points for 3.0

Love this...need FOO trailer music now too please!
My stuff:
Change the Lab for what Reason ?! People cry about Izaro ?! What the Heck, they ever played a Tier X + Map with more than 2 Mods on it?! As i stated last Week to my Real Life Buddy in Teamspeak,after he rejoined Path of Exile after 3 Years:" Go back to your fucking Blizzard Games!"... Cause i was slightly stressed about his mourning about the Mechanics, he was/is just overwhelmed from what POE has become andd oes simply lack the Time or Muse to get into it. Even if i like him as a Friend, i do not care if he plays POE! That is the Reason why i play it, because of the 10.000 Possibilties and the Hardness of Content! Like Piety says: " Find Your own way ...."

Or what Mortal Kombat said, Thousand of Years ago:

" There is no Knowledge, that is not Power!"
Casuals have eaten my Hobby
music, in 2017, for free... how about free Classic Mystery Box? i need some useless hideout decors, no? go fuck yourself pls
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Thanks a lot GGG!
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