Who has the best username?

Even after all these years i still like this name dont know what it is fable 1 wasn't even that great but i always liked the name jack of blades.
Also ppl can't pronounce my name in english so jack was more convenient anyway.
It's ok to be white

My apologies to all

The system works, but perhaps too opaquely.
qaGZsvjMXM wrote:

it reminds me of myself: Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor

Heh, gopstop can't even spell my name right.
So who's going to win the War for the Atlas? Not the Shaper. Not the Elder. Not the idiots fighting it.

GGG will, of course.

I'll just be over here flipping around like a space ninja in Warframe until it all blows over.
Me. probably. I concur.
Smoother than Smooth.

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