Introducing the Legacy Hat and Other New Microtransactions!

ermahgerd bandana helmet attatchment! I've been waiting for this day to come! Also, the hats look pretty awesome. Just one thing... please don't go full team fortress 2 with hats.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

This forum is a worse place without Charan.
Amazingly awesome of GGG to give the bandana effect for free to bandana helm owners both past and future, great and classy move!

The standard hat + cloak + Bandana effect = Van Helsing theme. :P


Also, just tried it out, and Shapers Hood + Fiery Eyes is a great Nazgul Effect!
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Simple but elegant mtx!
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A 400mb patch for a hat... I didn't realize I've been playing Team of Fortress.
Its a beaut.
Quite impressed with the cloak and the new bandanna variation. Can now combo bandanna with a hood. 10/10
Nice selection of micro transactions. Keep it up.
Permanent Hardcore only.
LOL @ legacy hat notification.. check videos and see the cloak... kill me now! I take it back!
Path of Exile: Straight outta hood

I'm definitely gonna buy some of these, besides those fancy hats.

EDIT: Nevermind that, ought to get one for a templar.
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JohnNamikaze wrote:
The standard hat + cloak = Van Helsing theme. :P

But no crossbow. ='[.]'=
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