We've just released a collection of five new microtransactions, including a new cloak and four helmet attachments. One of these is a new limited-time-only Legacy-themed hat! We've also updated the Bandana so that it includes both a skin and an effect version of the microtransaction. Players who already own the skin version of the microtransaction will be given the effect version for free!

The Legacy Hat

We're excited to introduce new league-exclusive hats! The first in this line of hats is the Legacy Hat, an embellished version of the Standard Hat that we're also releasing today. These hats will be themed to match the leagues that they're launched alongside and will only be available for the duration of the league. They're a great way to show that you supported and participated in this part of Path of Exile's history!

The Standard Brimmed Hat

The Standard Brimmed hat will go into the store as a regular microtransaction and also serves as the base for all exclusive league hats!

The Hooded Cloak

This is the first new cloak to enter the store outside of supporter packs! We've designed it with some simplicity to be applicable to many existing outfits!

The Fiery Eyes Helmet Attachment

This new helmet attachment is new in design and embellishes your character's eyes with a glowing fiery effect. This can be worn over helmets as a great way to adorn your look!

The Bandana Helmet Attachment

The Bandana is an existing microtransaction that is popular among Path of Exile fans and even among the staff. We've frequently noted that the Bandana would open up so many more awesome combination possibilities if it was also available as an effect as well as a skin! So, we've done just that!

When you purchase the Bandana in the store, you'll now receive two copies, both a skin and effect. This means you can wear the bandana over other microtransaction skins or continue to use it as a skin with over effects over top. If you're feeling frivolous, you can even wear a Bandana over your Bandana!

Anyone who already owns the Bandana microtransaction will be receiving the effect for free automatically (over the next couple of hours).

If you're looking to grab some points, please consider checking out the new Legacy Supporter Packs! Thank you so much for your support.
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1st page hype! nice HAT PogChamp
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Woah firey eyes!
Looks great cant wait to get me some hats.
first woot :D i like the Eyes thing
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WE TF2 ladssssss

The standard hat + cloak = Van Helsing theme. :P
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- raics, 06.08.2016

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