2.6.0d Patch Notes

Good fast response to some outstanding issues.
IGN: JerleGC_Ripper (Incursion)
Completed 17 Challengestopcatti wrote:
I thought this was released 24h ago?

No, yesterday's news was the patchnotes, to let people know that fixes were coming.

Best devs i've ever known, listen to players and update in so short time
What does the reliquery key note mean?
Bit off topic I guess, but I hope GGG understands me for doing this.
This has been in my stash before the changes to the dagger implicits:

This is a newly dropped dagger, same base type dagger but different implicit:

Please include a fix for this in this patch or the next.
I made a bug report but seemingly nobody of GGG has read it yet, sadly.
I tested the daggers as well, it's a problem for sure.
We perandus now boys
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
Nice update

Look what you've done to me

Maybe now I could spend my ~2000 perandus money...
Ascendancy is the best Path of exile update since 1.0 and Labyrinth is the best optional content so far.
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Anyone's additional guild stash tabs not working? 1st one works can't pull anything out of the 2nd

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