Content Update 2.6.0 and the Legacy Challenge Leagues launched over the weekend! We're very proud to announce that this was one of our best launches to date. Everything went relatively smoothly and we once again reached a record number of players online at once! Our previous record was set only recently with the launch of the Breach Challenge Leagues, with 80,000 players online at once. The Legacy Leagues peaked at 112,800 players! Thank you so much to everyone who joined us over the weekend!

Leading up to the Content Update 2.6.0 launch we teased many buffed uniques and threshold Jewels. Since the Challenge Leagues launched, the community have found many more items that weren't previously revealed. We've compiled some of those here!
If you're enjoying the Legacy Leagues so far, please consider purchasing a Legacy Supporter Pack and checking out our new Classic Mystery Box! Thank you so much for your support.
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Eye of Chayula? huh
I am a drama queen, like my father before me.
Oh yea. Im on Merc and not unique drop yet.
DAMMIT, I'm going to have to build another zombie summoner.
rip bisco ;_;7
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nice :O
dat shield opie opie
first page!

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