[3.10] Bashtart's SPARK INQUISITOR * farming like a god! :)

is spark kill nwoadays ?
It's been a couple years since I last played PoE, but it was around 3.6 and I was using this build.

Coming back to the game and with Ultimatum about to release in the next few days, how viable is the Spark Inquisitor now?
Hey there doing a Crit Spark build currently in Expedition League and I am checking out some similar build for some inspiration. I am using the same chest, The Convenant Spidersilk Robe. In my 6-L Spark setup I have Arcane Surge. The chest no longer causes Arcane Surge to proc since I sarted using it.

Should I drop Arcane Surge since it no longer procs?

UPDATE: I have dropped it.

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