2.5.3 Patch Note

Completed 24 ChallengesGarnier wrote:
Oh snap, take my money!
GGG Take My Money !!
My girlfriend is gonna kill me... wait I don't have a girlfriend.
"Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition is followed by madness." - The Shaper
2 new red maps on chris signature
Wait, what?

Is Classic a less expensive Legacy pack, or is it related to the next expansion?
Macros may not perform multiple server-side actions. POE Trade Companion puts your account at risk.

[Guide] Path of Exile, Steam, and account linking

[Guide] What a macro is allowed to do in Path of Exile

[Guide] What a DxDiag is, and how to create one
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what about boxes? didnt get yet one.. ^(
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