2.5.2 Patch Notes

CylonHD wrote:
Not great for me. My idle FPS was 180, now it's about 60-80. In combat i was usually able to maintain 50-60 FPS, now i am dipping as low as 15-20. Also like everyone else blurry icons. I played for awhile and didn't get the DX11 disco effect, maybe this was a fluke or maybe it was fixed? If it was fixed i would have easily put that in the patch notes. Then again it could be something meant to be swept under the rug. Overall a very disappointing patch making the game near unplayable for me.

Try to disable "Engine Multithreading" in options.
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Nightmare prevails. On your framerate.

Nightmare is the true eternal.
I don't know if this is of any concern to GGG, but after the update I'm getting severe redraw issues/corruptions on linux with wine 1.9.20-staging with CSMT enabled (dx9). These disappear if I disable multithreading (no redraw or flicker with multithreading when CSMT was enabled prior to the update).

This happens mainly with the stash opened, random glyphs but also various gem icons can flicker on top of it.

For example:


In regular gameplay, things are more consistent, some very minor redraw flicker of the HUD.
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Pretty awful for a 'performance' patch. Prior to the patch I had fairly consistent fps and frame time, post patch they're all over the place and movement feels less fluid. Also, visually, everything looks less clear.

AMD FX8350
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Every 15-20 im dcing from the game.. GG, GGG
Im running Uber Atziri and dc after the trio ... Rip set my bad after a new patch xD
Yay! I was looking forward to it. Now it's here :)


1920*1080, Fullscreen
Shadows: Low
MSAA: 4x
Texture Quality: High
Texture Filtering: 16x
Post Processing: on
ScreenShake: off
Multithreading: Enabled (obviously ^^)
DX: 11 Beta

Testing via just playing:
Just from the feeling of it, i say it runs silky smooth on my rig now.

I lured 3-4 mobs with my necromancer-witch on a shaped oasis (+25% more monsters) card and started casting like hell.

FPS dropped here and there to 55, but went straight back to 60fps.
The most time i have stable 60fps now.

Before i usually had 45-60fps the most time. Even with one or two mobs it started dropping to 50.

Testing with HWInfo and other values
Yesterday i deactivated VSync (ingame) and the 60fps frame limit (via RivaTuner)
and got ~90fps in my hideout.
Now i have ~150fps with that setting. 60FPS extra!!! Wow!

When i release Essence monsters, there isn't this short freeze anymore.
Just fluid animation.

I haven't tested a map with i.e. consecrated ground, but theoretically it should fix this issue, too.

What i'm curious about is, why the game chooses most of my "second cores" in the core-modules.

Little explanation:
I got an AMD FX 6300 CPU with 6 cores, where 2 cores each are bundled in a module. The first core of each module has a full functional core (with floating point calculation ability).

But the second core in this module doesn't have floating point ability. So if the second core needs an floating point operation solved it has to wait for the first core to be free, so that the first core can calculate it. Thats the part where AMD saved money on that chip.

CPU([Module1: Core1FP, Core2], [Module2: Core3FP, Core4], [Module3: Core5FP, Core6]
(FP=floating point)

So the best would be, that every game chooses at first Core1, Core3 and Core5 to get out the most of the cpu.

Path of Exile uses 3-4 Cores mainly on my rig. Core1 (first core) is used, which is great, but the next cores it uses is Core4 and Core6.

To say long things short: It runs like hell now! Thank you so much GGG-Devs :)
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OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit - updated to the latest
So my experience with this patch can be summed up as follows so far.

With dx11 over average frames are actually down, though not by much. [Enough for me to care though :\]
On the other hand they feel much smoother game doesnt jerk around as much when I whirling blades through maps.

enabling the engine multithreading also causes a considerable drop in frames and dx11 is rather playable with it off.

Undecided if I'm going to go back to dx9 or not yet, but the shadows look nice I guess?

EDIT: I'll be keeping this on for one reason and one reason only.
previously in uber lab [not normal through merc uber only] The second I would enter the instance I would be like bottlenecked to 15 fps.
this happened every single time and made getting my last ascendancy points very very difficult.
Threw my last offering in as a whim and happy to report its now running like any other map and idles at around 60 dipping below only in combat
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The patch is a great improvement for me!

Moving around is much much smoother, and smashing through mobs....feels like a hot knife through butter... much much smoother, pretty stoked as it feels like I upgraded my rig!!

Thank you!
Once again, DX11 means not much without the ability to turn shadows off.

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