Legacy Patch Notes - Part One

why ?
Remember when Shock could multistack? Pepperage, fucking, farm remembers the terrors of those days.
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I Member :)
Amazing times.
"The new one is less confusing" PUNS HAHAHAHA!!
tldr: we buffed it?
pants still not enabled for he int/str hybrid class
Enabled the fourth difficulty level (Merciless)

The fuck ? What were they called ?

Made progression of Ruthless difficulty shallower. There's more of a gap before Merciless now


Many dungeons now have Epic Chests at the end.

Good old time

Epic chests now have a substantial bonus to dropped item rarity

wwwweeeee !!!!!

Fixed a bug that allowed access to the Inca Dungeon before killing two bandit lords

inca dungeon ?????

Reduced experience penalty in Merciless difficulty to 15% (from 20%)

omg man it was 20% (max lv 50 tho... lol)

Improved the Church Dungeon graphically

the crypt ?

Goat slams now do 50% more damage

leap slam ?

Nerfed effective player level of level 9/10 skill gems

Raised zombies now follow you

op O_O they fucking move ! woua

Added vendors that can sell you items (accepting Currency Items in return). Initially they will only sell you equipment (gems are being considered for the next update). The vendor inventories refresh each time you gain a level.

ok, this is more op than the zombies lol

Improved the mana regen per power charge passive

Added a new end-game. After completing Merciless difficulty, you can talk to an Act Two NPC who will give you access to the Maelstrom of Chaos via a waypoint. The Maelstrom is a highly experimental work in progress, and will grow substantially with each patch. There are currently eight different level templates in it.

Critical strikes with lightning damage now cause the "Shocked" status. This can be stacked up to five times on one target. In this state, monsters or players take 10% additional damage per instance of Shock

Skill and support gems can now have quality, like equipment. Each gem is affected by quality in a specific way - for example, additional damage or attack speed. Skill gems from quest rewards have zero quality.

Reduced chance of getting mana/life mods on weapons

1h/2h weapon passives now only apply to melee weapons (they're marked as such)


1-hand/2-hand weapon damage passives now refer to Melee weapons only (not bows or wands

ah lol I remember this. I made the suggestion to make it clearer because in my head (and this is still the case) a bow is kinda 2h...

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promotes a greater diversity of character specialisation

Oh, how the times have changed.

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