[2.5] Freezing Ball Lightning - Shadow/Assassin, by Multistriker. BEGINNER BUILD

could you probably play this with Arc instead ?
time2kickass wrote:
could you probably play this with Arc instead ?

Yes, with some difficulties with bosses. But yes
Is this build HC viable?
im still a little new to the game but i liked the style of this build - i tried it out, i am lvl 37 right now but i got to say i have a problem against Ele Resist mobs, they just take so long especially boss monsters. Is there something i missed or am missing ? Just curous how you deal with those
is it possible to do CI/HC with this build or better off with just life?
petru_matei wrote:

i dont understand what armour do i need to have and what gems and jewels and daggers soo retarded.how do i even could have 100% cold damage how???
Is this viable for endgame content such as shaper?

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