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Forgot to add "Blade Vortex still gets 600% more poison damage at 20 stacks"
TheuberClips wrote:
I hope a nerf to BV double dip is coming too

The patch note will be: Blade Vortex's "More Damage per Blade" modifier has been changed to apply only to spell damage instead of all damage types. This will remove a double-dipping effect that should not have been occurring.

This was double dipping in a way other things were not. It was a mistake in the original implementation.

Edited: this post previously said: Likely.

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damn, i am not even close to meta...

I need more purple titles
Qarl wrote:
TheuberClips wrote:
I hope a nerf to BV double dip is coming too


inb4 fixing broken build leads to perfectly fine builds being completely destroyed in the process
Gems stats aren't that useful, as well as the uniques in this current state. Could you take into account only the skills that are on a 5/6l ? It would help to see what real primary skills are the most used (many utility skills are in the current top). For the uniques, some categorization would be required even if that's just a top 3 for the weapon, body armour, etc.

And will you give us some stats regarding challenges like you always did ?
Never enough stats . Thanks for these.
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can you buff Blade Flurry?! Its very bad on no assasin shadow build.... :(
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That moment when you realize that 20% and 30% increases to 0 still give you 0.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

This forum is a worse place without Charan.
Now maybe I will be able to complete a Chalupa breachstone within my lifetime.

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