The Breach Challenge Leagues are in their third week and we're happy to hear many players reporting that this league has been some of the most fun they've had in the game. In particular, it seems that the community is enjoying how challenging Breach gameplay can be! We've gathered some statistics to give insight into Breach Domain related deaths and popular skills and uniques being used.

Breach Domains

Breach Domains
Percentage of Total Completed Domains
Player Deaths in the Last Week
Xoph's Domain
Tul's Domain
Esh's Domain
Uul-Netol's Domain
Chayula's Domain
Content Update 2.5.1 also contains the following patch notes:
  • Tul no longer takes reduced damage while doing her Projectile Barrage skill.
  • The Crystal Ice Spires in the Tul encounter now have less life.
  • The snowstorm skill used by the Tul Breach monsters now provides less damage avoidance to the monsters inside of it.
  • Frost Blades used by the Tul monsters now does less damage at higher levels.
  • Chayula Breaches are now more common in Mid (20% increase) & High (30% increase) Tier Maps.

Top Ten 2.5.0 Uniques By Numbers Used

  • Lycosidae
  • Ngamahu's Flame
  • Primordial Harmony
  • Primordial Eminence
  • Hand of Thought and Motion
  • Xoph's Blood
  • Ewar's Mirage
  • The Perfect Form
  • Tulborn
  • Xoph's Inception

Top Ten Primary Skills By Numbers Used on Character's Level 80 +

  • Ancestral Warchief
  • Orb of Storms
  • Flameblast
  • Decoy Totem
  • Blade Flurry
  • Vaal Lightning Trap
  • Cyclone
  • Earthquake
  • Flesh Offering
  • Summon Raging Spirit

Top Ten Uniques By Numbers Used on Character's Level 80 +

  • Energy From Within
  • Atziri's Promise
  • Eye of Chayula
  • Lion's Roar
  • Devoto's Devotion
  • Marohi Erqi
  • Belly of the Beast
  • Valyrium
  • Drillneck
  • Witchfire Brew
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More Stats. pls :D
Thats a lot of ES based items on the most used list..
cool, glad they are making chayula breaches more common now :)
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
Cool! Thanks!
I hope a nerf to BV double dip is coming too
Current IGN: twitchtvTheuberelite - I stream sometimes.
"Chayula Breaches are now more common in Mid (20% increase) & High (30% increase) Tier Maps." This is a buff.
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
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it something i would love to see in the core game, not removed, or a zana map mod

I enjoy it, reminds me a bit of fracturing maps, you just wade in to the clusterfuck...dose not even bother me that i've died a few times to it (dose not help that my light res is 1% in merc :S)
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