[3.1] 7's Shocking Flurry Raider // God Damn !

Welcome Exiles! I'm seveN, and I wanted to share one of my builds for once. When I create a build, I try to make it Budget because I'm not farming that much and this character is one of the most complete budget build I have ever designed since Beta of PoE. I'm always updating the build, I may be slow but I'm gonna do it. I would love to hear some feedbacks about the thread. Anyway ENJOY THE BUILD :)

// Videos are coming one day :D

3.1? VP Nerf
I'm thinking to how make this build relevant again. Defences are our top priority. Build is still strong but not HC Viable anymore

3.0? This is a melee buff
-Added Cold Support now does 35.1% more damage at gem level 20.
-Added Lightning Support now does 17.5% more damage at gem level 20.
-We use The Perfect Form instead of QoTF to get AA and be more tanky.
-Ice bite can be a good choice instead of Elemental Focus
-Kraitlyn's Reward is INSANE but we lose one frenzy charge.
-Starkonja's Head is better than Alpha's Howl now

// Abyssal Cry is not a musthave now, we can drop Ele Focus for Ice Bite and use Herald of Ice ! Anyway, this warcry is underestimated.

Pros and Cons
+Budget build.
+Good boss killer.
+More tanky than it seems !
+Can do all maps mods except Blood Magic and no Leech.
+Reflect is not a pain in the ass !

-Can die to heavy Physical Hit if not careful.
-Can't do No Leech maps. Blood Magic maps can be done only with QoTF variant.
-Not faster than Frost Blades or ST, but has more potential in the high levels versus hard maps and bosses.


Bandit: You help Kraitlyn.


Ascendancy points for Raider are in order Way of the Poacher » Quartz Infusion » Avatar of the Veil » Avatar of the Slaughter

Useful Lab Enchants

-40% Increased Blade Flurry Damage is first priority.
-12% Increased Blade Flurry Radius or 9% chance to Dodge Attacks at Maximum Blade Flurry stages is decent.

-Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently is the best choice by far unless you go +1Frenzy Atziri's Step.
-0.6% of Damage Leeched as Life and Mana if you've Killed Recently is good.
-80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently removes almost every stun you can get on clearing mob packs. I prefer to put the enchant on a 2nd Atziri's Step Boots that you will use it versus Unlucky Dodge and Vulnerability maps.



Gear and Gem Setup

Herald of Ice - Arctic Armour - Purity of Ice

Herald of Thunder - Elemental Weakness - Curse on Hit (can selfcast if not lazy)

Starkonja's Head
Ancestral Warchief // CwDT Setup // Enduring Cry (vs boss) // Golem // Whatever you want

The Perfect Form
Blade Flurry - Ice Bite - Ele Dmg Attacks - Conc Effect - Damage on Full Life
// 6L = Added Cold / Added Light / Ruthless

Rare Spiked Gloves
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Immortal Call (lvl3) - Increased Duration - Enfeeble (lvl5) / Vaal Haste if you selfcast EW curse.

Atziri's Step or Rare Two-Toned Boots if you have trouble for resistances.
Whirling Blades - Crit Strikes (EO) - Fortify - Blood Magic

Jewellery and Flasks

Bisco's Collar obviously if you have it otherwise go buy it. You can switch to a rare ammulet against boss if you're not lazy.
For the Rings, we need Life, Resists and any Added Flat Elemental Damage or %Elemental Damage. Evasion is not that bad but we prefer the ones I mentionned before.

Life Flask of Staunching
Quartz/Jade Flask of Adrenaline(%MS) or of Warding(Curses)
Taste of Hate
Vessel of Vinktar (Lightning Pen version or Attacks version if you can afford it)
You can even go for 2 Vinktar's flask.

My Gem Setup in Breach League

Abyssal Cry - Void Manip - AoE

Curse & Golem Setup (CwDT or Selfcast)

Alpha's Howl
Grace - Wrath - Enlighten - Enduring Cry

Queen of the Forest
Blade Flurry - Added Cold - Added Light - Light Pen - Ele Dmg Attacks - Elemental Focus

Rare Spiked Gloves
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Immortal Call (lvl3) - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste

Atziri's Step
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

Random Informations

-Take Vaal Pact after you get Duelist & Shadow leech nodes or when you have a Vinktar's flask.

-Struck by Lightning Divination Card can reward you some decent upgrades.
It gives you an Electrocuting Jewellery. It is an amulet or a ring with the mod: "Adds 3-7 to 68-72 lightning damage to attacks". This mod is a bit better than a 42% increased Elemental Damage with Weapons.

-My jewel filter for poe.trade.

-Static Electricity Viridian Jewel is the Best in Slot jewel in the Ranger area, don't forget to get the Immune to Silence corrupted mod (even in 3.0).

-Get the Culling Strike corrupted mod on one of your Dreamfeathers.

-If you can't afford a Vinktar's flask, you can use Vaal Lightning Trap or replace Added Lightning by Innervate

Cheers !

Videos & Screens will come one day, eventually.

PS: You can pm in game if you have any question ! IGN: SpeedMetaVsGGG
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Hey there! got a leveling tree?

2. what skill would you use to level with

3. at what level would you suggest switching to BladeFlurry?
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1. I will update the thread in the hour with some leveling trees.

2. The best way would be with bow skills but you can go melee from the start.

3. Myself, I switch at lvl 30ish but you can still respec a bit later if you feel more comfortable with range gameplay.
cheers mate :)
I wish everyone a happy X-Mas day :)
I've been giving this a go this week, its doing great so far! At lvl 87 now.

Did a few minor things different:
- using a lvl 1 abyssal cry, saves some mana
- took lightning penetration support instead of elemental focus, feels faster on tanky stuff
- went for the 5th jewel earlier
- got a lvl 20/20q blade flurry, as it costs next to nothing

For leveling I went with bows (tornadoshot) till I hit lvl 69 (dreamfeather req). Basically used cheap uniq`s like death`s harp etc. Swapping to dreamfeathers was actually dissapointing at first, but it really starts to shine when u get everything going.

Im pretty much done with upgrades I think, "just" need a 6L QotF and get other gems to 20Q, and maybe swap to a vanguard belt.

The vinktars was pretty expensive btw, but you don`t really need it it seems, its just very nice to have. Or maybe I just havent reached content yet that really needs it. Im still at tier 8 maps btw.

Tried a Xoph breach today. Turns out its not that bad. Finished it deathless, could facetank Xoph for the most part. When I reached Xoph I noticed I forgot to put up grace and wrath :) still had plenty of time (40s) when I reached his gate though (abyssal cry ftw).

Gonna do uber lab this weekend, first run failed right before the last fight (first 2 were rather easy luckily), apparently its a good idea to spec out of vaal pact and bring a stone golem and more life flasks....

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Happy new year DeGrand =)
Thanks for the feedback !

The lvl1 abyssal cry is cool ! With a lvl7, I don't have mana issues with an Enlighten lvl3. But staying on a lvl1 is more than enough since we only get more hinder effects with levels.

Yeah Lightning Penetration seems better for a 5L, I will upload the gems setup. Ty again for the feedback.
About Vaal Pact, it's weird. Sometimes it's saves u, other times Life Regen would be appreciated =/.

I got 3 questions for you:
1/ How much did cost your breach rings coz they're awesome !?
2/ Are you planning to take Enlighten 4 and try to play with PoL at pure end game ?
3/ I saw, you have a Vaal Grace in your QotF. What are your thoughts on it ? Will you put it on your Alpha's if you get your 6L ?
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Happy new year sev7NN (and everyone else reading this)!

Little update:
Atziri down, died 2 times first run to atziri, the vaal and trio bosses were easy peasy did 2 more runs deadthless, was just out of practise..damage is good, I just sucked at evading stuff.

Finished uber lab, was actually easy now. I totally messed up all sorts of things during the last fight, which was due to nerves :D, was no problem however. Then I got a little suprise in the treasure room, ran into Inya (forgot I had the prophecy active). Gave me a good scare LOL. I didnt spec out of vaal pact btw, just took 2 more life flasks to deal with the trap-rooms.

Actually did some upgrades:
- upgraded my gloves with a blessed orb (16 -> 20% melee)
- new atz steps with 2% more spell dodge
- new amulet which gave me more life, damage, evasion and rarity, lost some overcapped res. for 1c \0/.
I have no idea why this was only 1c, and he had it up for over a week...guess its totally niece or
- 20q added lightning (have to lvl it though)

About your questions:
The rings were really cheap I think, no more than 5c. Im happy with both, though id love to upgrade the one with 63 life on it..prolly not gonna happen though heh.

I havent looked into the whole PoL/Enlighten thing yet. I actually have no idea what the benefit of it would be. Is it for the vinktars? Why not run herald of lightning or arctic armour instead? Could prolly get away with a lvl 3 enlighten then.

The vaal grace I had lying around, thought it would fit in well with an evasion build, and I had slots to spare. I actually hadnt even noticed that it would get buffed in the helm, swapped it now. If I get a 6l and a lvl 3/4 enlighten it will have to go I guess. tbh I don`t even notice the effect.
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Thanks for the update. I updated the thread, Abyssal Cry & Aura setups sections have been add.
Purity of Lightning is good for reflect maps. You could go for Enlighten 4 and switch between aura for better clearing.

And yeah Vaal Grace seems not that good.

How much HP & accuracy do you have ? 5.4k & 91% ?

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